ABOTANIQ Dark Spot Diminishes

The most well-known healthy skin problem we hear from friends and reader is an uneven composition all the more particularly, those dull spots left…

Wedding Tips

Wedding Gifts

wedding gifts

Top 5 Newlyweds favorite wedding gifts

Step away from the blender. Put those china teacups down. I know you’re sticking to the gift registry but everyone knows that newlyweds’ favorite…


honeymoon rentals

Top 10 best honeymoon rentals on Airbnb

From the United States to Asia and Africa, there are lots of beautiful honeymoon destinations in different locations around the world with each offering…

santorini wedding, honeymoon

Weddings in Santorini: Ideas and Tips

The Paper Work For your wedding in Santorini you have to collect papers to confirm your wedding. It is essential you have these papers…

Love & Marriage

lasting marriage

7 tips for a long lasting marriage

In today’s society a successful long lasting marriage is becoming less common compared to past times. With so many changes in our society today…