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Fall Bridesmaids Guide

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses can be a difficult decision, especially when it comes to fall weddings. While everyone will try to chime in…


pre-wedding workout

Pre-wedding workout with the Airtrack

Getting fit is an important part of getting married who doesn’t want to feel confident and be in shape during their most important day….

Wedding Tips

Is Wedding Photography Worth the Cost?

Couples spend an average of $2,000 on wedding photographers, with many spending $4,500 or more. That is a lot of money when you consider…

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Why you should use photography backdrops

Every photographer knows the value of a good background. The environment plays a huge role in getting the final results as it adds important visual…

Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts for the bride and groom

A special day such as a wedding is much more about the little details than we think. Yes, there is always the gown, the romantic…


5 unique wedding destinations

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, therefore, organizing one every single detail matters. The wedding dress, the wedding rings,…


Magical Wedding in Marrakesh

If you want your wedding to be an adventure that’s filled with intensely beautiful sights, delicious scents, and enchanting architecture, Marrakesh is exactly the…

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Dating ideas for couples over 40s

What is the difference between two teenagers in love and a mature couple dating? There is none, except if you are over forty you…