10 Casual Hangout Outfit Ideas for the Modern Bride that Never Fail


The ‘dress to impress’ pressure is at an all-time high when you are doing it for the first hangout after your wedding. You thought you were having a breakdown when picking an outfit for that job interview, the first hangout after getting married however plays you on an emotional level you don’t understand. You are dressing to be liked more than anyone in the room, and more than the expectations of the person you have married.

Before you read this and realize that you finally have something to define that feeling and now you can have a full blown whining session, don’t, breathe and count your lucky stars because you landed on the right page.

Here are ten ideas on how you can mix and match your casual outfits for your special day and see what flatters you the most.

1.    Casual T with Leather Pants

You can look laidback while looking classy at the same time. You don’t have to be overly dressed if it is not a date that you are planning at a fancy establishment, but that should not stop you from doing everything you can to look like the fashion-forward chic you are.

To balance out a casual shirt, leather pants are the sexiest option you can go for. Ditch the embroidered and patterned kind, pair your top with neutral colored one that focuses on your beautiful legs.

2.    Maxi Dress but with Sneakers

To many, a maxi dress is all you need to make sure that you are the most desirable woman in the room. However, there is a way to carry that to make it a hit on your first day. To tone it down you can play with footwear.

If you have planned your date around a casual stroll or anything that requires stepping out or doing an activity, you could always wear a pair of cool statement sneakers. They tone down the maxi dress, while also adding another side of its persona that says cute and functional. Plus the sneakers on their own show a more laidback side of you when the dress shows off the feminine allure.

3.    Dress Shirt and Ankle Boots

Dress shirts are all the rage. No matter the weather there is a style and cut for every occasion. Dress shirts tend to be the best at boasting your casual yet chic side. You don’t want to keep it minimal, instead, pair it with a boost up to grunge rock side of you by wearing a pair of black leather boots.

4.    Romper and Statement Sandals

Rompers have finally made a comeback. The runways are flooded with different prints and patterns of these in their collections. If you live in a warmer climate or are having your date at a place where broad daylight will hit, this is a perfect choice. Pair these with flat sandals, but not any sandals. Make sure that you get yourself a pair of bold strappy flats to complete this outfit so that the focus of your look is divided equally.

5.    T-Shirt, Jeans, and a Bold Necklace


If you are the type, who would walk out with a tee and jeans and still be able to pull it off in any setting, go ahead with the idea. To take it up a notch, pair it with silver jewelry that gives it that bohemian touch without overdoing it.

6.    A halter Top with a Slung Back Jacket

A halter top gives your look the ideal ‘snazzy twist’ that you need for that date with the special person. You can always make the most of an outfit with a cool looking, attention-grabbing top. With this as the star of your outfit, you should pair minimal accessories. A slung back jacket keeps things casual and not like you are about to head to a party unless of course, that’s where you have decided your hangout should take place.

7.    Mini Skirt and a Baggy Shirt

To show your chic side pair a baggy shirt with a mini skirt that shows off your long legs. The short mini skirt with a baggy top does a great job of accentuating your waist without making it too apparent. If it’s a little breezy, add leggings, and instead of the baggy shirt opt for a baggy knit sweater.

8.    Jeans and Stripy Tank

This is an excellent way to keep things really casual and a way to put out the message that you just want to keep on conversing all night. You can use minimal makeup and the outfit suits perfectly if you are going to a daytime hangout.

9.    Dress Shirt and Biker Jacket


Pair your dress shirt with an edgy biker jacket. This gives you a chance to be yourself, show off an aloof and elusive side of you while looking super awesome at the same time. The jacket is saying that you can be super casual but also carry your own persona when needed without being too high maintenance.

10.  Fringe Mini Skirt and a Casual T

A casual T paired with a mini skirt gets you looking a bit formal but not overly out there. This works if you have a dinner date at a local place. You might want to pair it with a sling strap clutch. Make sure that you do matching eyeshade makeup to complete the look.

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