10 Engagement Ring Mistakes That Almost Every Guy Makes

Choosing an engagement ring is a huge undertaking. While a misjudged ring size or an unflattering cut of the diamond is unlikely to change your partner’s mind, the enjoyment of offering the perfect designer ring is worth the investment. The ring is an item that will be shown countless times and to many people, so you will want to make sure you both have no inhibitions in doing so! Despite having the best intentions, often guys will make mistakes. So, for those unsure of what to do, here are the 10 engagement ring mistakes that are most often made.

Hide Your Tracks

You want to plan the perfect surprise proposal and you are likely doing loads of research (that is why you are reading this) but this means you are also leaving plenty of evidence. Searches for designer rings and fine jewelry only need to be forgotten once for the gig to be up. At every step of the way – be careful!

Ring Size

This is the classic hurdle for many. If you are unable to find one of your partner’s rings to measure, then do not try to measure their fingers while they sleep! It rarely works and you will be far better off asking some of their family or friends to coax the information without suspicion.

Ring Insurance

Insure the ring. It is quite simple. Not only is this small item likely very valuable in terms of cost but it is almost certainly extremely precious. The number of movie plots involving lost rings should already have you asking about ring insurance!


While diamond designers certainly know their craft, nothing compares to your partner’s preference. Spend time observing their current jewelry collection and listen out in conversation for any hints of their taste.

High Season

As with any industry, there is a high season. At the end of the year and at the start there are plenty of celebrations and new beginnings. More proposals and more rings mean higher prices. Shopping around to consider prices is always a good idea, but you can certainly do well to avoid buying at this time!

Ask a Professional

It is highly unlikely that you have more expertise than a diamond expert. If you have the opportunity or are looking for a custom ring, you will benefit greatly from seeking professional advice.

Know the Diamond

These days, the ethical standards of diamonds are strictly enforced. It is incredibly rare for diamonds sold within the US to fail to meet these standards. Your jeweler should be forthcoming with the diamond’s certification. If not, shop elsewhere.

Learn the Language

Do you know your princess cut from a cushion? You may know you want a Tacori ring but would you prefer a solitaire or a halo design? There is plenty to learn about modern designer engagement rings.

The Wedding Band

It’s very easy to forget that the wedding band is also to be chosen! Ask your jeweler for a band that will compliment your chosen designer ring.

Plan Your Spending

The ring is an important symbol for your marriage but it should never ruin your finances. Plan your spending ahead of time and choose the ring that is best for you. Speak to your jeweler for more advice as they will be able to guide you appropriately to the best choice for your budget.

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