10 Ideas for Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but it doesn’t have to trash the planet. With these ten ideas, it is possible to plan an eco-friendly wedding while still making sure your guests have an amazing time on the big day.

1. Chose Eco-friendly or Recycled Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are typically made of paper, cardboard, or other plant-based materials. The use of these materials causes the waste and pollution of trees. However, several companies produce eco-friendly cards and invitations. The paper is made from tree-free stocks, such as bamboo and sugarcane. This saves trees and the energy used to make the paper.

2. Encourage Guests to Carpool

Even when using public transportation in cities, it is common to see cars filling up on the streets. However, instead of riding solo, why not encourage guests to carpool? Carpooling can help save money and reduce traffic congestion, reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, since it is a shared vehicle, the amount of fuel consumed will be slightly less than if each person drives their car.

3. Cut down on Plastic Use

Plastic is convenient, especially for holding food or water. However, plastic in landfills eventually makes its way into the ocean and contributes to plastic islands. The chemicals from plastic are also toxic and negatively impact both fish and human health. Instead of using plastic bags for guest bags and other uses, use cloth or other natural materials. Or, even better, purchase reusable tote bags.

4. Choose Eco-Friendly Flowers

Flowers are a popular choice for wedding decorations, regardless of the type of wedding. However, the pesticides used on flowers can negatively affect aquatic life and local ecosystems. Instead of using traditional flowers at the wedding, choose de-vined flowers or ones grown without pesticides.

5. Go Local When it Comes to Food

Many parts of the world are already limited regarding land availability and freshwater. In these areas, local, sustainable farming can be a viable option. By choosing local foods and ingredients, there will be less waste and less carbon emitted in the manufacture of food products. Furthermore, buying locally produced or grown foods can decrease transportation costs and impact carbon emissions.

6. Embrace Natural Light

Natural light is a great way to incorporate the outdoors into a wedding decoration. Instead of using artificial lighting, use nature-made light, such as candlelight or sunlight. The use of natural light has several advantages. First, it absorbs the carbon dioxide emitted from power plants. Second, the use of natural light can reduce energy consumption.

7. Plan for Water Conservation

Most people are aware of efforts to conserve water on a global scale. Though this is a good idea on its own, it can also be used as an eco-friendly addition to the wedding. Think about ways to incorporate water conservation into your wedding decorations, like using water-saving flowers or harvesting rainwater.

8. Choose Sustainable Fashion

The wedding fashion is often extravagant, with many different types of material used for each piece of clothing. However, these luxurious materials often come from questionable sources, which can be reused only once. Instead of using extravagant materials to make your clothing, look for eco-friendly options such as organic cotton or hemp.

9. Shop Sustainable Diamonds

Diamonds are a popular wedding accessory and a symbol of love and commitment. However, the practice of mining diamonds has many negative impacts, which include pollution and labor exploitation. Instead of using diamonds, consider buying eco-friendly alternatives like recycled or lab-grown diamonds.

10. Pick an Eco-Friendly Venue

Many people choose a large wedding location that has plenty of space for guests and activities. However, this can have negative impacts on the environment. One way to offset these issues is to consider using an eco-friendly venue. Venues that use renewable energy and products can help reduce the carbon footprint of the wedding.


Weddings are an exciting time, but they can also be a source of environmental issues. It is possible to plan a wedding that your guests and the environment will love. By finding eco-friendly options, you can make a difference in the world.

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