10 tips on how to create great content for a parenting themed blog


Thinking about creating a parenting themed blog? Parenting is a great niche, especially if you have kids yourself. You can bring your readers on a journey and talk about your experiences as a parent. Perhaps you want to talk about subjects like how to handle your child getting into trouble at school or do you have great tips for newly weds and how to involve children in a wedding. No matter what parenting subjects you want to cover here are some tips to help you create the best possible content in your niche.

  1. Find your primary focus

You know you want to make a blog about parenting, amazing. Now, while you might be super creative and cover as many different niches concerning parenting, it might be wise to find a specific focus. It might be age oriented, where you focus on only one age group of children, it might be educational, it might be focused on creative and DIY project. Take the time to find what suits you best.

  1. Target your audience

Your obvious audience are parents. But, not all parents are the same and not all will be driven to your blog and that is ok. What you can do here is to focus on a few parent groups which might find your content the most useful.

  1. Think about your audience

Now that you know who is your targeted audience, it is time to think about what that audience might find interesting. What would they like to read about? Do you have some tips to share? What are their problems as parents? What information might they find useful? For example you can focus on subjects like tips for when your child starts school. Ultimately, what would you, as a parent like to read. Answering these questions will give you some direction.

  1. Be unique

Nobody want to read about new scientific research or boring information that can be found anywhere on the internet. People value practicality, originality and uniqueness of approach. Feel free to express yourself s blogger and give unique content to your reader. No one wants to read the same stuff all over again. Personal experiences where your readers can relate will spark a lot of interest.

  1. Be thoughtful and stay on point

Related to previous tip, it is important to stay thoughtful. Offer some introspection, share your thoughts, but don’t do it aggressively. Be a gentle communicator who is willing to share valuable information. Your readers might not always agree with your tips.

  1. Think as a parent

Don’t get too lost in information. What parents need is understanding, support and useful information from first hand. Think and write as a parent who would like to share something useful, not as a journalist or columnist.

  1. Use the right keywords

This is part of CEO when it comes to your blog, but it is important to brainstorm and find the most catchy keywords there are, because this will draw audience to your text.

  1. Engage your audience

Allow commenting in comments section and connect your blog to social media and let your audience speak their mind. This is important as it will give you necessary feedback that will help you grow and stay on the right course. By doing so, you will also get some fresh ideas, as most of the time, your audience also has a lot to share and ask, and this might give you some ideas.

  1. Find inspiration from other bloggers

This doesn’t mean becoming a copycat, and copyright policy wouldn’t let you to steal content anyway as that is strictly forbidden. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t find other bloggers inspiring. Take a look at popular blogs in your niche, learn, get inspired and create your own unique content. You can also use services like content mother to help you with content marketing and social media management.

  1. Don’t forget the aesthetic

In the end, always pay attention to how your blog looks for more inspiration check out the following content marketing tips. Keep it simple, split your text in paragraphs, add nice photos which draw attention and keep your text font readable.

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