10 tips to create an abundance mind-set and improve your relationship

The idea of scarcity keeps us from achieving much in life as we are forced to believe that only a certain amount of resources exist and no more than that, not enough for you. This however is far from reality, we all breathe air and yet the atmosphere never runs out of it. There is so much more to life than we see, humans are naturally fearful of scarcity, yet fail to appreciate the abundance all around them. We can all have our takeaways from life if only we believe that we can. Here are ten tips to help you build an abundance mindset and improve your relationships.

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Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

  • Gratitude: Being genuinely grateful and expressing it openly allows your mind to unleash its potential from the restraints of scarcity beliefs. Think about all the reasons your grateful for your partner.
  • Recognize opportunities: Life is full of opportunities, if only we open our eyes and see for ourselves the chances that life pushes our way, we can surely pick our move.
  • Realize the abundance around you: Know that people around you are successful and one’s success does not take away the other’s, so why do you fear that you may not get the limelight? Therefore celebrate your partners successes.
  • Filter your peers: Such beliefs are contagious and it is best to keep negative people at an arm’s length to avoid the pollution of one’s mind.
  • Self-reflection: Realize your skills and weakness and work to improve in both areas.
  • Give what you want: Giving to others, what you want for yourself is a spiritual practice with the advantage of creating motivation within you and to give you hope for good.
  • Feel creative and plentiful: Know that you can pull it off, that you can help yourself and others through your abilities, in fact design ways to do so.
  • Abundant vision: Set a clear vision about abundance in life and set your goals.
  • Focus on unique strengths: Know your strong points and realize their worth.

Do more of what you like: Practice leads towards perfection and you can never have enough perfection in anything, so continue to push onwards.

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