11 Perfect Wedding Centerpiece Ideas That Will Speak to Your Guests

wedding centerpiece

It takes years of planning and effort to pull off a wedding. And we all want our wedding celebrations to be perfect, don’t we? From the wedding dresses to the cake, and from the caterers to the decorations, every detail presents an opportunity to stand out.

Wedding centerpieces are one of the many things that require time and attention. After all, these are the décor items your guests spend the most time with since they are on every table, right in front of your attendees throughout the function. In most cases, the first option you see may not be the best. Whether you’re having a modern style wedding or a vintage wedding, it helps to have the perfect wedding centerpiece that goes with your style and theme.

Since every centerpiece is placed front and center, as the name suggests, we have a list of elements that you can include in your centerpiece to make a statement. We have DIY ideas, floral ones, non-floral ones, and even budget-friendly suggestions. Check out the list below and find the perfect wedding centerpiece ideas to impress your guests.

1. Flowers

You can never go wrong with flowers as wedding centerpieces! Almost every wedding has to have some kind of flowers and bouquets. From tiaras to bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, flowers are everywhere and we honestly can’t blame the wedding couple for wanting a floral theme. When choosing flowers as a centerpiece for your wedding, you can experiment with your creative choices. You don’t have to stay with a cliché with the flower settings. You can play with the flower types, arrangement styles, colors, and fragrances. Your guests will love your creative touch for sure.

2. Paper Art (Origami)

Paper art, specifically paper flowers, are used as crafty centerpieces for weddings. You can play around with the theme, colors, and shapes of the origami. Paper flowers are artsy, handcrafted, and fun. Your personal attention to detail is bound to blow your guests away. The best part is that even though this is a DIY budget-friendly idea, it still looks pretty as a centerpiece.

3. Candles

Candles are the best way to create a romantic atmosphere in a wedding—and that’s precisely what a wedding is all about! Whether you’re choosing simple candles or fragrant ones, a grouping of candles as centerpieces can contribute to the entire ambience of the wedding.

4. Balloons

Balloons as overhead centerpieces bring joy and festivity to the event. They are not only decorative for informal celebrations but are also part of many weddings now. Balloons don’t even have to be casual. In fact, they can be glammed up with shiny metallics and professional arrangements. Because of their versatility, balloons are now one of the most favourite outdoor wedding ideas that couples have started incorporating. You can also mix in extra decorations, such as colorful, fun tassels and strings.

5. Cloches

Floral cloches add elegance and grace to any wedding function. Cloches are jars with protective covers that can be used in a variety of ways. You can place them over flowers or plants and display them as centerpieces. Cloches are available in different designs and styles, which you can match to your theme. Even a simple rose in a cloche, just like the one in the Beauty and the Beast, can be used to create a fairytale wedding vibe. You can also put candles or a cactus plant inside the cloches. As a blank slate, they are full of creative possibilities.

6. Tassels and Pom-Poms

Tassels and pom-poms as wedding centerpiece ideas are a part of many artsy, modern styles. You can combine this look with candles, flowers, or bell jars, and add a creative touch to the table presentation. This is also a DIY, budget-conscious idea that you can utilize if you want a break from wedding flowers.

7. Lace Mason Jars and Vases

wedding centerpiece

Why use plain vases for flowers, plants, or any other décor items? This is another opportunity to add creativity and elegance. Lace covers on jars and vases are a good way to turn a simple-looking container into something pretty. Different designs and materials can be used such as crochet or knitting.

8. Corals, Shells, and Wood

Depending upon the theme of your wedding, you can incorporate items such as corals, shells, and wood jars and decorative items as your centerpieces. They give a formal look and are a creative way to add a rustic touch to your wedding. Corals and shells are suitable for outdoor wedding events, while wood also pairs well with indoor events.

9. Peacock Feathers

Peacock feathers are becoming increasingly popular in wedding events. Whether you are pulling off a modern wedding or a traditional one, peacock feathers add brightness and vibrant colors to the décor. They are usually placed in tall vases as centerpieces. You can select unique designs and colors for these feathers and use them creatively around your reception area. It will leave an impression on your guests.

10. Photo Frames

Weddings are occasions where you make memories and also enjoy reliving old memories. Couples can use photo frames as a simple yet elegant way to decorate their tables. Photo frames can serve as a good centerpiece option as the guests will feel connected to you and through this, you can completely personalize your event. The photo frames can be rustic, modern, or artsy. Or, you can play with the design, craft, and colors in any way that you feel will match the rest of your theme.

11. Fruits and Vegetables

Food art is a thing – and it could be a good idea for a wedding centerpiece. Guests will love edible centerpieces as they are both crafty and interesting. You can use salads and citrus fruits as decorative items for tables. They can be fun, fresh, and bright, especially for a summer wedding. And it will give your guests something to talk about as they are encouraged to take a bite of their centerpiece! Also, good, fresh fruits make people happy, and exotic fruits like mango or papaya pair well with a tropical wedding! This is also a budget-friendly idea.

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