11 Unique Bridal Jewelry that Will Never Go Out of Style

bridal jewelry

Are you gearing up for your wedding? If yes, then you are at the right spot. You might have shopped for your wedding dress and now it’s time to complement it with fine jewelry. Shopping for bridal jewelry is always tricky as there are various styles to choose from. So, to help you out, we have come up with some unique bridal jewelry that you would love to wear on your D-day. Universally appealing, these designs have been on-trend for decades, charming everyone with their right balance of classiness and uniqueness. Have a look on these always-trendy pieces of body jewelry online:

  1. Statement earrings: The trend of wearing statement rings has beencontinually increasing for brides. Whether they are long dangling earrings or stylish hoops, they look great with wedding gown. Shop these Melissa Kaye Aria Jane 18-karat gold diamond earrings for your wedding. Cast from 18k gold, these statement earrings in teardrop shape carry a timeless look.
  • Diamond Nose Rings: If you are a girl who owns a nose piercing, then don’t forget to beautify it on your weddings with a diamond nose ring. There is no particular season to wear diamonds as their trend never fades with time. Get your hands on Double Diamond 14K Gold Nose Ring. Featuring a gorgeous combination of white diamond set in gold is truly the epitome of sophistication.
  • Navette Rings: More and more brides are opting for navette rings for their wedding/engagement. They are classy, romantic and timeless.  Pick something in sapphire or emerald to stand out from the other brides.
  • Tiny Studs: If you have got a few ear piercings, get ready to adorn them with tiny studs. Tiny studs arranges in constellation design look chic and fashionable. Go for shapes likes moon, stars, dots to make a unique constellation ear piercing look. 
  • Colored Stones: Colored stones in engagement/weddings jewelry are another timeless trend. Colored gems assembled in a ring, earring, etc. as the main stone or side stones bring subtle color to the jewelry piece. The stones look even more gorgeous when paired with diamond. It’s wise to choose stones according to your horoscope.
  • Pearls: There is something special about pearls. They are one kind of simple yet sophisticated piece of jewelry. From pearl earrings and rings to pearl necklaces and barbells, they are incredibly classy options to choose for your special day.
  • Diamond necklaces: A wedding outfit is incomplete without a necklace. And nothing stands out than a diamond necklace. From thin and fine choker styles to a 12-inch necklace, pick the size of the necklace according to your dress.
  • Open Rings – They are another popular trend for women who are soon going to be brides. These rings come in a number of designs featuring different angles, cuts, shapes, colors and sizes. Shop for the ring that best suits your wedding/engagement outfit.
  • Fine Hand Bracelets: Thin and fine hand bracelets look great no matter what the occasion and when we talk about weddings, they are perfect fashion jewelry to have.
  1. Rhinestone Armlets: An armlet is a must for every bride-to-be. It looks gorgeous with off-the-shoulder and sleeveless gowns. Shop for sparkly rhinestone armlet that you think will go well with your wedding gown.
  1. Gold-Diamond Clicker Rings – Gold-diamond clicker rings are great piercing jewelry options for brides who have eyebrow or septum piercings.  Buy something like Diamond Pave Flower 14K Gold Hinged Clicker Ring to achieve a beautiful, unique look.

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