2018 Wedding Jewellery Trends

Back Necklaces

There are a lot of styles that you can expect to see at wedding nowadays, Brides will always want their day to be the most memorable day and how they look is an essential part of the occasion. Bridal shows don’t just display amazing dresses, they also hint to new trends in accessories. 2018 is bringing a lot of new different styles of ladies jewellery to wear on the special day and here are the essentials to look out for.

Shoulder Duster Earrings

A classic choice for bridal earrings are the chandelier style, in 2018 their bigger more iconic counterpart is taking to the stage. Shoulder duster earrings are a statement piece that can perform wonders to your bridal look, they’ll frame your face perfectly and just brush your collarbone elegantly. Look at a more rounded pair if you’ve picked out an A-line gown and the earrings will naturally help draw the eyes of guests up as they look at your dress.

Forehead Band

It’s a regular occurrence now that some brides prefer not to wear a veil, a forehead band is a perfect substitute. A forehead band isn’t just an aesthetic accessory, its practical use helps keep random strands of hair out of your face all day (which helps for perfect pictures people will be taking all day). Forehead bands are a great piece of jewellery regardless of how you plan on doing your hair, whether it’s up or down a forehead band is a unique idea that you can either opt for a simple one or something with a lot of detail so compliment an effortless dress.


A choker is a perfect piece of jewellery to go with a strapless dress or a dress with a plunging neckline. A choker draws attention to the neckline and gives balance to more detailed dress styles. Chokers come is all different forms to match your shape and taste, thicker chokers will suit a simply styled dress better whilst smaller chokers are also a good choice for a little bit of extra detail on an already defined dress.

Back Necklaces

For brides who have their heart set on a backless dress, these necklaces are an exclusive choice. Back necklaces have the ability to take attention away from the dress in a positive way. As you’re walking down and stood at the end of the aisle there will be occasions where guest can see your back, and a back necklace is an amazing accessory to add to your look and stand out from other brides they see this year.


It won’t be a choice for everyone but if you’re not fond of big pieces of jewellery, wearing dainty accessories is a trend for 2018. Its work well with most dresses too, wearing delicate pieces of jewellery will add depth to a casual style bridal dress or add extra attention to a detailed dress.

Oversized Necklaces

A step in the other direction is also trending, the non-traditional necklaces are also everywhere online. The style is popular for covering shoulders elegantly and shows off a regal look. Some are even designed to shape around your shoulder so you won’t have to worry about it for the big day.


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