2019 Popular Diamond Ring Cuts and Designs

diamond ring cuts

You’ve probably heard of the saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” It may be because of this that many men choose diamond rings to give as gifts to their partners.

Whether it’s for engagement, wedding, or just-because moments, a diamond ring is a very popular choice.

Choosing the ring typically depends on your partner’s style. But there are popular diamond ring cuts and designs that seem to change each year. Let’s take a look at the trend this 2019.

Diamond Ring Cuts

When you visit Vancouver diamond ring shops, you’ll see diamonds cut in different shapes. But what are the best cuts for 2019?


The classic round diamond cuts are still trendy. If we’re to make a prediction, it will never go out of style. Round diamond rings remain the most popular and most sold diamond cut in the United States.

It’s also one of the most popular cuts in most Vancouver diamond ring shops.

Due to its shape, round diamond cuts can reflect an incredible amount of light. Therefore, it has a beautiful sparkle that every woman seems to love. Additionally, round diamonds are also very versatile.


Oval-shaped diamonds have that vintage vibe that many women love. But you can also style the band to give it a more modern look.

Besides its old-timey look, various celebrities have also donned oval diamond engagement rings. It’s no surprise that more women want to get this cut.


Pear-shaped diamond engagement rings are on the rise this 2019. It’s likely to gain and keep the momentum for the following years to come, especially with celebrities choosing this cut.

However, pear-shaped diamonds weren’t always trendy. These were deemed as an unusual choice back then. But if anything, this cut is an alluring choice that can stand out even with a simple band.

Settings and Accents

You can get a custom Diamond Vancouver ring that perfectly fits your soon-to-be bride. But choosing the right setting and accent can make your engagement extra special.

Below are the trends this 2019.

Colored Accents

Colored diamonds are getting more popular, especially this 2019. It’s like giving something classic an upgrade which makes it more modern and trendy.

You can get pink, blue, orange, yellow, and even black diamonds. You can have a single diamond piece on the ring or use these colored diamonds as accents. Prices often vary depending on the color.

Solitaire and Minimalist Setting

A few years back, bigger and fancier diamond rings are more common. Nowadays, people have come back to simpler and more elegant choices. Solitaire settings often focus on one stone and usually has a simple band.

You can also choose a thinner band with a few diamonds for a minimalist look.

Clustered Setting

Clustered diamonds are getting more traction because of their versatility. These rings look unique and fancy without going over-the-top. Asymmetrical designs seem to be a crowd favorite.


Engagement rings are more than just a piece of jewelry. These are symbols of love and a promise of a future full of love, loyalty, and happiness.

Finding the right ring can take time and planning. But it’s always best to consider your partner’s style and choices when customizing a diamond ring for her.

Photo by Baylee Gramling on Unsplash

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