3 Creative Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

creative wedding centerpieces

You don’t need to blow your wedding budget on elaborate reception decor. Instead, draw inspiration from these inexpensive and creative wedding centerpieces.

Weddings can be very expensive, so it’s important to allocate your funds correctly. Luckily, there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on elaborate flower arrangements adorned with crystals. You can design creative wedding centerpieces on a budget that will wow your guests and fit any color scheme or wedding theme. Not to mention, creating your own centerpieces is a fun way to personalize your wedding. Continue reading to check out some unexpected ways you can decorate your reception tables.

Cozy Candles

One of the easiest, most affordable ways to create a cozy, warm feeling on your wedding day is by incorporating candles into your decor. To flood your reception space with a romantic glow, place taper candles of varying heights in the center of each table. Candles now come in almost every color, so you can easily create a color scheme that matches your overall theme.

To increase the dramatic impact of your centerpieces, consider placing the candles in large glass hurricanes. To create different heights, be sure to place some hurricanes on risers. You can also scatter sprigs of greenery around the candleholders for a beautiful natural element.

creative wedding centerpieces

Fantastic Florals

When you think of creative wedding centerpieces on a budget, you may not think of floral arrangements—especially not the professional bouquets so large you can’t see the person seated across the table from you. However, you can take matters into your own hands and incorporate floral arrangements by utilizing a few valuable tips for doing your own wedding flowers. For instance, you can create a stunning centerpiece using single stems artfully arranged in various bud vases.

You can also stick to your budget by varying your centerpieces. If you want larger flower arrangements, only place them on a few tables and stick to less expensive greenery or succulents for the other tables.

Additionally, many arts and crafts stores carry a wide assortment of high-quality faux flowers, which you can use if you want to save money on your table decor. You can create chic wedding decor by using pool noodles for the bases of the bouquets. Simply stick each faux flower stem into the foam of the noodle to create a unique, budget-friendly arrangement.

Beautiful Books

A great way to show off your creativity is by incorporating unexpected objects in your centerpiece design. Do you and your partner love to read? Add a stack of meaningful books to the center of each table. Do you have a particular affinity for the classics? Many bookstores sell beautifully designed hardcover versions of some of the most beloved tomes.

Once you’ve found the perfect books to display, you can artfully tie them together using twine or ribbon to create a lovely focal point. And as mentioned above, consider scattering some greenery around the books to incorporate additional colors and textures.

Regardless of your budget, you can create the wedding reception of your dreams with these unique centerpiece ideas. From pool noodles to the great American novel, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your wedding decor!

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