3 DIY Projects You Should Definitely Do With Your New Spouse

After the big day, you are probably ready to kick up your feet and relax. While that is a good idea, it is not a bad idea to get started on all of those projects you have been thinking about doing around the house. You do not want to overdo it, though. Here are some DIY projects you should definitely do with your new spouse this summer:

Paint a room together

Nothing brings two people closer than a paintbrush and can of paint. If you have never painted before, this might sound daunting. However, there is no better way for two people to learn how to work together than painting a room together. You will be surprised by how much fun it can be, especially if you consider making it a competition to see who can do the best job at painting the walls or trimming the windows. When it comes to decorating your house, there are a lot of options. But why choose between design and price when you can have the best of both worlds? With your new spouse, you can check online for the best peel and stick wallpaper and come up with one of the best DIY project to take together.

Make some furniture

Have you always wanted a new coffee table? Perhaps you have been dying to build that dining room hutch you saw online. Now is the time to finally make that piece of furniture you have always wanted. It does not matter if you are experienced with woodworking or not. All that matters is that you spend time together building something beautiful for your home.

Transform your walls with Peel and stick wallpapers

Boho Peel and stick wallpaper is a versatile, lightweight covering that offers endless design possibilities. Boho allows you to easily transform your room while adding color, texture and interest. Its fabric-like look and texture will help cover existing wallpaper or add an interesting visual flair to new walls. Go where the mood takes you, layer it with patterned paper for added texture and visual interest, mix it with our other wallpaper collections for more design possibilities and use this as an opportunity to completely change the look of your room by removing sections and reapplying them elsewhere!

Drop into a summer state of mind with the boho-sauvage patterns in the Boho collection. With its casual appearance and cool, watercolor palette, Boho wallpaper is perfect for those who wish to add personality to their room in an easy and fun way. This peel and stick wallpaper can be applied to almost any wall (with some preparation), and will last for years – just roll up the design when you’re ready for a new look.


If you’re ready to tackle some DIY projects with your new spouse, why not start with something simple? The easiest projects are often the best, and can lead to long-lasting memories from your first days as newlyweds. So don’t settle for a fine meal and the typical gifts; push yourself. Get creative and make some DIY projects from scratch.


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