3 Reasons to Get Married in Cabo Right Now

1. Your Friends & Family Are Looking for an Excuse to Travel

Let’s face it; most of the world has been cooped up for the past year or so hiding from a pandemic. Stores, restaurants, resorts, pools and amusement parks have been closed on and off, forcing regularly active people to be stuck at home climbing up the walls.

Your social sphere is begging for a reason to get out of town! If there was ever a time to exchange vows somewhere exotic, it’s now.

In years past, planning a destination wedding might have been a little challenging because personal schedules lead to conflicts and couples would normally miss out on having some of their closest people with them at your wedding. Luckily, during the COVID-19 era, this is far less of a worry. Most people aren’t planning that far ahead right now anyway, so you’ll probably get a pretty decent positive response to a wedding away from home. People are feeling so stir crazy at home these days, they’ll likely welcome an invitation to hop on a plane and escape.

Plus, Los Cabos weddings are likely some of the safest you can host; keep reading for details.

2. Cabo is Covid Careful

The travel industry is the lifeblood of Cabo and so it has taken every measure of precaution possible to ensure the safety of its visitors. From the moment you step foot in the local airport, you’ll begin to notice a highly organized effort to detect early warning signs of the illness and maintain sanitary spaces.

Los Cabos was official awarded the Sharecare health security verification, becoming the world’s first VERIFIED™ travel destination.

Cabo is currently in “Yellow” Stage 3, which is a color based designation created by Baja California Sur to indicate the level of risk for Covid spread and adjust local activities accordingly. Yellow allows for most businesses, including non-essential, to be open, but has limitations in place to proceed cautiously. This includes allowing occupancy of 1 person per 9 square feet and maximizing social activities to a 50% capacity.

Here are a few other protocols you can expect to see throughout your visit:

  • Temperature checking at public places, like the airport and restaurants
  • Face masks required in all public spaces, except when actively eating, drinking or swimming
  • Antibacterial spray of your luggage
  • Airport entry survey forms that monitor your travel agenda
  • Touchless digital menus
  • Social distancing signs and floor markers
  • Sanitizing stations everywhere
  • Tunnels that spray antibacterial substances as you walk by

In addition to safety measures, many resorts, such as The Resort at Pedregal, a Waldorf Astoria property, offer Covid-19 testing right on site. This gives you and your guests immediate peace of mind and direction, should symptoms arise.

Suffice it to say, you and your guests will definitely feel that the ultimate level of health and safety is in place during your stay.

3. Cabo Feels More Intimate Than Ever

One of the unexpected advantages of living during a health crisis is that occupancy limits reduce crowds and Cabo San Lucas is no exception to that.

With recreational activities capped at 50% occupancy, you and your crew will easily feel like you’re the only ones on any excursion. As always, you can book activities just for your group as well, but if you are participating in a public adventure, you won’t deal with crowds as you might have in the past.

Overall, people are traveling far less than ever before as a result of both health precautions, country-specific restrictions and a reduction in income for many people. As a result, you’ll likely find that Los Cabos is pleasantly under-occupied.

If your idea of the perfect wedding is a bit more isolated and intimate, then Cabo is a great option to consider.

Los Cabos is as gorgeous as ever, whether you’re considering a wedding in San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas – that much has not changed a bit. It just so happens that now is an advantageous time to make that destination nuptial happen, with fewer tourists, strict health protocols and loved ones that would like nothing more than to get away.

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