3 Reasons Why You Need a Cocktail Hour at Your Wedding

cocktail hour

Many wedding days consist of a cocktail hour before the reception, but is it necessary? Explore these reasons why you need a cocktail hour at your wedding.

With so many decisions to make when you’re planning a wedding, you can easily feel overwhelmed as you go through the process. Should you hire a videographer? Is it best to serve a sit-down meal or a buffet? Do you need to provide wedding favors? Another thing to consider is whether to include a cocktail hour. Check out these reasons why you need a cocktail hour at your wedding to tick one more decision off your to-do list.

Gives Some Down Time

When it comes to your wedding day, you want to make sure the schedule of events doesn’t feel too rushed. After the formality of the ceremony, it’s nice for you and your guests to have some transitional time to decompress before the reception begins. A cocktail hour is the perfect opportunity for your friends and family members to mix and mingle.

While your guests are enjoying cocktails, you and your newly minted spouse have time for necessary tasks, such as taking additional wedding photos, changing clothes, or refreshing your makeup. The cocktail hour also gives you and your partner some precious alone time immediately after making things official. Once you’ve had a few minutes to excitedly celebrate together, you can join your guests for some drinks and appetizers.

cocktail hour

Creates More Photo Opportunities

Another reason why you need a cocktail hour at your wedding is to create opportunities for more photos of your loved ones. While everyone is catching up with one another and enjoying their drinks, your photographer can capture some amazing candid photos. Plus, your guests can snap pictures of one another and use your wedding hashtag so that you can enjoy even more moments from your special day on social media.

Once the reception begins and everyone is busy dancing, it can be difficult to find time to take photos with many of your guests. As such, the cocktail hour is a great time to get several important shots before the party really starts.

Helps You Personalize to Perfection

The cocktail hour is a great chance to add personal touches to your wedding day. Although there are several unique ways to make your wedding reception unforgettable, you can also take your cocktail hour to the next level with custom details. From monogrammed napkins to signature drinks to color-coordinated stir sticks, you can add a creative twist to all the essential items for a wedding with an open bar.

Don’t forget to add some fun décor to your cocktail hour space. You can display photos of you and your spouse at different points in your relationship or showcase pictures of family members on their wedding day. Your guests will love experiencing all the special moments you create during your cocktail hour. So what are you waiting for? Take your wedding day to the next level by planning a fun and functional cocktail hour!

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