3 Things to Have on Your Ultimate Wedding Checklist

There certainly can’t be a wedding without the bride and groom. However, other things matter on this special day as they add to its aura and long-lasting memories. Wikipedia states that not less than 2.5 million weddings are held annually in the US. Indeed, the essentials such as the wedding gown, décor, catering, and guests can’t be ignored. That notwithstanding, you must have other vital elements on the ultimate wedding checklist. Are you planning a wedding anytime soon? Learn more from here.

1. Hiring a wedding photographer

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A picture says a thousand words and captures memorable moments of your special day. Photography plays a significant role on the wedding day and can’t be overlooked. Not only does it capture memories, but it also tells a story about love, joy, harmony, and a stage in your life that’s worth savoring many years after the event.

For this reason, wedding photography has evolved from the usual taking of shots at any spot on the event grounds. In addition to your selected photography team, the Photo Booth has made a huge entrance and has gained ground at most modern weddings. They’re specially designed cubicles that serve as photo vending machines.

A few years ago, these partially enclosed cubicles were usually coin-operated. Today, most (if not all) are digital and open up a world of background props for the couple and guests. Most importantly, photography costs are varied and what you pay for depends on the additional details you desire.

2. Music and entertainment

How boring will weddings be without carefully selected music and some fun activities. The music captures the wedding’s mood and sets the tone for your special day. From the music that plays as you walk down the aisle to the wedding march and first dance, those melodies set the tempo for any wedding. In every traditional wedding (in a church), music is categorized under three main headings, and they’re:

  • The prelude
  • The processional
  • The recessional

For more contemporary weddings, however, the categorization is expanded to include the ones played at the reception, first dance, etc. Moreover, whereas some couples prefer religious and solemn melodies, others go in for love songs from different eras.

As a tip, be sure to advise the DJ to stick to a peculiar music tempo for every stage of the wedding. For example, it’s a big no to play romantic songs one minute and immediately move to rock. That will be a major put-off for wedding guests and the bridal party!

3. Food and drinks

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It’s quite understandable why most couples have preferences for this part of the wedding. Some opt for a cocktail wedding reception, where no formal meals are served. In this type of reception, the couple and guests are treated to various drinks and hors d’oeuvres. In other instances, the couple may opt for full-course meals, which usually come at a hefty cost. Regardless of what option you choose, you can’t underestimate the role food and drinks play at any wedding.

In conclusion, weddings are beautiful and memorable, but yours will be remembered based on the little details you pay attention to. Stick to what suits your budget yet captures the romantic mood you want on that special day.

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