3 Tips For Coordinating A Send Off Using Sparklers

lighting sparklers

So you’ve decided on using sparklers during your wedding exit.


But, how will you coordinate it?

There is the sparklers themselves, lighters, buckets for disposing used sparklers, lining all the guests up, and more.

Don’t worry though, this guide will teach you exactly how to coordinate a beautiful send off!

A Quick Note On Sparklers

If you are deciding which sparklers to buy, you’ve probably already noticed that there are a TON of options out there.

The main thing you want to pay attention to when purchasing wedding sparklers is burn duration.

Sparklers can take up to 30 seconds (sometimes even more) for everyone to get their’s lit and get in the right places, so the longer lasting the sparkler the better (like these 5-minute wedding sparklers).

Now, onto the guide!

Delegate, delegate, delegate!

This is YOUR big day.

Don’t spend it worrying about how to get everything set up.

Before your wedding day, look to appoint someone who can handle the task.

Already hired a day-of-coordinator?

Awesome! They should be able to help coordinate your send off as well.

If not, ask someone helping you with the wedding.

They will be in charge of getting everything set up (more details further down!).

The Send Off Area

There are a few things that need to be present at the send off area: a first-aid kit, the sparklers and lighters, and a place to get rid of used sparklers.

The First Aid Kit

Regardless of what send off you’ll be using, you just never know what might happen.

Keep in mind that your guests will be partying and not necessarily thinking about safety.

Having a first aid kit on hand will help keep your mind at peace.

The Send Off Materials

If you set up your sparklers on a nice display table at your reception, you’ll want to make sure you move it towards the exit where your send off will take place.

This will make sure that anyone who didn’t grab a sparkler before will have one.

As for lighters, we recommend purchasing torch lighters.

They are better for lighting sparklers regular lighters and do not require you to hold your hand close to the sparklers, which will get very hot.

If you do not have access to torch lighters, grill lighters will do.

However, the sparklers will take longer to light if using a grill lighter.

We recommend purchasing one lighter for every six guests.

When lighting, light the first sparkler, then use the lit sparkler to light the rest.

This will ensure you light your sparklers as fast as possible.

Buckets For Sparkler Disposal

When sparklers are finished burning, they are still very hot.

You also don’t want to litter or have to pick up the tiny little metal wire after it falls to the floor.

To prevent having to deal with any of this, purchase some buckets and fill them with sand or water (both work well).

Place a bucket every 10 feet or so and ask guests to dispose of their used sparklers in them.

Making Everyone Aware

Now that the send off area is all set up, it’s time to make everyone aware of the send off!

If you’ve been scouring Pinterest looking for inspiration, chances are you’ve come across the beautiful sparkler display tables.

Photo Credit: Wedding Chicks

This is an awesome way of letting everyone know there will be a send off as well as what time it’s at!

However, don’t count on everyone seeing or paying attention to the display table.

Here are some other ways to make everyone aware:

Note: It’s recommended to do all of the following to prevent any guests from forgetting and leaving early!

Place a note in the wedding programs – This is an awesome idea that is sure to catch nearly everyone’s attention. Simply place a note in the program that there will be a send off at X time!

Announce it after the wedding – Once the “I Do”’s are said, you can take the opportunity to let everyone know about the send off following the reception.

Get the band/DJ to announce it – Have the band or DJ announce the send off at different intervals throughout the night. Make sure they announce it along with the last song!

Have Fun And Be Stress-Free!

Well, there you have it.

3 tips to help you coordinate an amazing sparkler send off.

Now it’s time to follow the steps, then sit back and enjoy your wedding day!

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