3 Tips for Planning a Small and Intimate Wedding

intimate wedding

Intimate weddings are becoming more and more popular. But how does planning a small wedding differ from a large celebration? Here are some helpful tips.

Weddings are some of the most special days of a couple’s life. And it’s safe to say that small weddings are becoming more and more popular as a choice for many couples. These types of weddings have up to around 50 guests at most and can involve traveling and more unique destinations. This can be quite exciting for people who want to have fresh and exciting experiences. Every couple is different, though, and wedding planning between couples will vary. Moreover, making the decision to say “I do” comes with a lot planning and decision making. It’s safe to say that the process can quickly become overwhelming due to the many factors involves. If you’re not sure how to plan, you can use these three tips for planning a small and intimate wedding. Think about these to pull it off successfully!

Consider the Venue

There’s plenty to consider when choosing a wedding venue that fits you and your fiancé. If you choose to have a smaller wedding party, then the doors are open to a destination wedding. If this is the case, review your guest list and double-check that no one would have a difficult time traveling. If you do have someone who may not be able to go far, you may consider an intimate location near you. Otherwise, you can think of venturing somewhere more exotic. The great outdoors will allow beautiful lighting for your photographer and videographer. A mountain or a wooded backdrop will leave guests in awe.

Get a Videographer

Smaller weddings mean you can stretch the budget a little further than you can with a larger wedding. This means there’s probably extra cash flow for a videographer in the budget. It’s a videographer’s dream to shoot smaller weddings. This is because there’s wiggle room in the schedule to shoot the bride and groom a little longer and get creative shots. It’s also easier to get the video footage without too many guests popping in and out of view.

Plan a Great Reception

When you choose to have a smaller wedding, you are choosing to have fewer people with you on the big day. Although you should make the decision that is best for you personally, respect the fact that some guests will want to celebrate with you even if you weren’t able to invite them to a ceremony. The beauty of an intimate wedding is that you can have a cheaper ceremony but invest in a larger reception later on down the road. So if you want those adventurous, picture-perfect photos, then you can have a ceremony at your location of choice. After that, you can plan a reception (if desired) for you and plenty of guests to celebrate. Like any other tip for an intimate wedding, there’s no “wrong” or “right” if you choose this route. Discuss it with your partner and decide what is ultimately best for you both.

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