3 Ways To Elevate the Elegance of Your Wedding

For those who want an elegant wedding but are unsure of how to achieve it, we can help. Here are three ways to elevate the elegance of your wedding.

Many brides, when asked to describe their dream wedding, use the word “elegant.” The problem is that despite this mental vision, few know how to achieve that elevated look. The key to hosting an elegant wedding is in perfecting the details. When every detail is perfect, people can’t help but recognize just how elegant your wedding is. Keep reading to learn about three ways to elevate the elegance of your wedding.

Use Scented Candles

Smell is one of our most important senses, and the right scent can help connect us to a special memory—no matter how long ago that memory happened. Use this to your advantage by incorporating scented candles into your wedding day, either during the ceremony, the reception, or both. While candles are a given in the wedding industry, scented candles will bring extra elegance since they use that important sensory receptor. If you’re unsure of which candle scents to use, consider ones that are personally important to you and your spouse-to-be or something seasonal.

elegance of your wedding

Offer Custom Cocktails

Food and drink are easily one of the most expensive parts of a wedding, so you don’t want to spend any more than you have to. However, dedicating a portion of your food and drink budget to creating a custom cocktail for your wedding is worth the price. Offering a custom drink for your wedding day creates a classy ambience that will amaze your guests, and if there’s a way for you to easily share the story behind the flavors, then they’ll feel drawn into your love story with every sip. And if you’re planning a dry ceremony or have guests who don’t like alcohol, make sure to offer a mocktail version so that guests can still get in on the elegant fun.

Create a Lounge Space

Most wedding receptions offer two places to hang out: at the tables or on the dance floor. Some people add seating around the bar as well, but that’s a generally busy area that’s not good for conversation. Add extra elegance to your reception by creating a third space where people can spend time together. While the tables are good for eating and the dance floor will surely live up to its name, a lounge space with a plush sofa and fluffy pillows is the perfect spot for people to sit and relax. Few people take the time to dedicate a specific spot for this purpose, so guests are sure to notice this elegant detail.

The best ways you can elevate the elegance of your wedding are using scented candles, offering a custom cocktail, and creating a lounge space at the reception. While there are many other ways you can add elegance to your wedding ceremony and reception, paying attention to these sensory details like scent, taste, and feel are sure to make your wedding a standout experience that everyone will remember.

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