3 Ways To Make Your Rural Wedding Elegant

rural wedding

The day you’ve been waiting for will be here faster than you know it. How will it look? Get inspired with these ways to make your rural wedding elegant.

Whether you plan to say your vows in an outdoor space or in a rustic barn, your down-to-earth rural wedding can have elements of refinement. And you don’t have to break your budget to incorporate these beautiful ideas.

Beautify your wedding ceremony and reception with an aesthetic that combines class and comfort. Read these ways to make your rural wedding elegant.

1. Use “Something Old”

Decorate your event with vintage or old-fashioned things for a personal touch. While you might not feel comfortable decorating with a true heirloom object, items that have a well-loved look work well in a country setting.

For example, vintage, ornate picture frames add a sparkling touch with more warmth than most modern metallic frames. You can display pictures of the couple’s parents, grandparents, and other relatives on their respective wedding days in these frames for added charm. You can also use them to label dining tables so guests can find their seats.

2. Soften Spaces With Drapery and Lighting

Draped fabric can soften the ceilings in a barn or pavilion. Sheer or satin drapes in subtle colors bring a flowing, romantic look to your venue. You can drape fabric in thick, undulating panels, like waves, across the ceiling. Alternatively, you can hang thinner sections of fabric from the center of the ceiling and have them come down the sides of the structure. Keep in mind the architecture you want to accentuate or downplay.

Another way to make your wedding elegant is to choose the right lighting. For example, you can hang string lights from barn beams to create a glowing ceiling that would look beautiful with or without draped fabric.

You can also use strings of soft, warm lighting outside the barn, making guests feel free to socialize and linger in the outdoor area. And if you plan to spend most of the time outdoors, you can wrap trees in white lights for a dreamy look.

3. Highlight Seasonality

An easy way to make your rural wedding elegant is to stay connected to nature with seasonal elements. Fresh produce will elevate the flavors of your chosen dishes, so keep seasonal ingredients in mind as you create your menu. As a decorative bonus, consider using fresh fruit in your table centerpieces.

Your wedding’s color scheme is another opportunity to include the season in your celebratory occasion. Here is a short list of possible color combinations to consider in each season:

  • Spring: soft pastels, light pinks, green, white, and lavender
  • Summer: bright colors like yellow, teal, and coral, all offset with neutral colors
  • Fall: dusty pink, powder blue, mauve, and orange
  • Winter: white, ice blue, deep red, navy, forest green, rose gold

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it can give you a good idea of how to highlight the season with your wedding colors. For an elegant wedding, seek balance with your color scheme so that no color overpowers the setting. Coordinating with three to five colors can keep your look polished.

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