4 Advantages Of Getting A Custom Engagement Ring

Different committed relationships are unique in some aspects, and that why it is also recommended to get a ring that is customized so as to perfectly fit in that relationship and the finger of the one wearing it. The specifics of the engagement ring do vary from one couple to the other but many couples prefer combining each of their favourite elements in it. Customizing an engagement ring includes getting to know the couple’s style in terms of band style and also their element of preference, for instance, it can be a diamond, gemstones or any other type of metal.

Below are advantages of getting a custom engagement ring:

Comfort Fit Shank

For a ring to be comfortable and to fit properly, it has to have edges that are slightly curved on the inside of the ring. Most standard rings have an interior that is straight and they lack extra dome metal that is supposed to provide a comfortable fit. With a custom ring, there are extra steps that are undertaken as part of the finishing process since perfection is given first priority unlike in mass manufacturing where features that are not necessary for the ring are not included.

Prong Options

By getting a custom ring, it means you have opened your options to almost anything in terms of the shape of the ring and the prong that usually holds the centre stone. The standard for the prong is usually for round diamonds. However, custom design provides a wide variety of shape and designs for the prong that is used to hold the diamond on the ring. The custom ring provides a variety of prongs which includes 4-prongs, 6-prongs, claw, and double claw.

Building a Model for the Ring

Model building is usually a fun and an enjoyable activity and is only available with custom rings. When conducting this process, a 3-D high-level software is used to create the ring model. Custom design is an art and also a science, meaning it is able to give the client a detailed and accurate visual of how the ring will look like even before the completion of the ring. The good thing with building a model of the ring is that you avoid making a commitment first, hence creating a room for modifying the design or even start over in some cases.


Consultation is one main advantages of custom rings. The custom designer and the client get to discuss details such as the finances and the ring style. It doesn’t mean that the client has to be able to answer all these questions but with the help of a custom designer, the client is able to come up with the best design. The consultation also helps when the client wants to incorporate special symbols that represent their relationship on the ring. For example, there are those clients who request unique designs such as flower, a bird and even Victorian architectural elements which require an experienced custom designer. Diamonds.co.nz creates beautiful custom engagement rings in NZ so make sure to check out what they have on offer.

As I conclude, getting a custom engagement ring is one of the best ways to show how committed you are to your relationship with her and is also a clear indication that you share a strong bond. Remember, with a custom engagement ring, you are directly involved in the designing and manufacturing process, meaning the ring will be better than she ever dreamed of and she will definitely appreciate your devotion beyond words.

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