4 Best Wedding Destinations in 2022

wedding destination in 2022

Once you are past the awkward first date, you have met each other’s parents and persevered through the engagement process; what is left is planning a wedding.

The whole process of planning a wedding might seem like fun but honestly, choosing a wedding destination in 2022 is a headache to some people.

Destination Weddings

A wedding destination is a ceremony held far from home. It is usually a perfect opportunity for a dream destination since couples get to choose what they desire. A wedding destination is an excellent choice for those who like small wedding ceremonies.

Here Are 4 Best Wedding Destinations In 2022


For the people who love nature, Iceland is the way to go! The rolling hills, lovely lakes, and the cool-toned down color palettes give a wedding a whole different mood.

It could be on the higher side in terms of finances, but the experience is remarkable and unmatched. It is a gem that requires consideration.

St. Lucia – Hawaii

St. Lucia in Hawaii is the best place to visit if you want to experience the feel of a wedding and honeymoon.

There are dramatic mountains for adventure, volcanic beaches, and several diving opportunities. The country is also accessible in terms of flights and fair prices.

(El Duque Beach) Spain – Tenerife

El Duque beach contains several hotels that host wedding ceremonies at average prices. Some include GF Gran Costa Adeje, Bahia del Duque, and Iberostar Selection Anthelia, among others.

Livermore, California – USA

Vineyard weddings are people’s choice, and mostly, Napa or Sonoma are the go-to locations. Say no more because there is a specific wedding destination that has been trending in 2020 and 2021, Livermore.

Livermore has seen a spike in popularity as young couples search for wedding destinations related to history and have ample wine variety.


The four wedding destinations in 2022 are located in different countries, including the United States, Iceland, Spain, and Hawaii. Different people can access those countries to enjoy their dream wedding!

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