4 Main Engagement Ring Styles – Something for Everyone

When it comes to choosing the perfect ring first start by looking over the 4 basic styles; halo, solitaire, vintage, diamond accented or side stones.  Once you have an idea of what you are looking for then you can take the next step in deciding the details. How big do you want the center stone? What metal are you thinking of using? What shape center? The list goes on depending on how many attributes you would like to incorporate.

Now a days, engagement ring shopping has changed and many are turning to the internet. You can find a plethora of custom jewelry designers willing to work on your dream ring. Custom made doesn’t necessarily mean absurd prices any more. Many designers are willing to work with your specific budget. By cutting out the middle man you are able to purchase gorgeous high quality jewelry at affordable prices.

Let us get you started on the right track. Take a look at this handy guide to help determine which style suits you best:

Halo Style Engagement Rings

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There is always a big divide between the halo engagement ring and non-halo clients. For some they either hate them or they love them. Personally, I love them! Aside from the fact that I simply just think design wise they are beautiful, you can also use a halo for a number of different reasons. A halo can enhance not only the center stone but the sparkle of the ring as well. If you decided to go with a smaller center stone you can have it appear larger by adding a halo or two. Many times ladies decide to go with a halo or even a double halo because they like the look of the entire ring covering the top of their finger. This is often the case with people with long fingers or larger ring sizes. A wider ring accentuates these hand types nicely.

Halos can be designed a number of different ways. You can have a seamless transition between the center stone and halo or you may want to leave some space to create a floating like appearance. The halo can hold large or small stones, diamonds or gemstones, mix the colors or stick with one type or stone (traditionally all diamond). A halo can be made to sit beneath the center stone or you can have it sit flush. Whatever it is you can imagine a good custom jeweler can get it done.

Solitaire Style Engagement Rings

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One of the most classic styles to date is a solitaire engagement ring. This style will put the focus on the gorgeous center stone.   A solitaire can be made to hold any size and shape center.  The main characteristic of a solitaire is the setting is plain there are no stones on the band. There are some that are made with tiny accent stones on the prongs or maybe a couple of stones beneath the center but traditionally they are unadorned.

You may think there aren’t many options with a solitaire but think again. You can choose from a variety of styles. The bands can be engraved to give a more vintage feel or you can choose a simple high polished look for a more customary route. You can have a knife edge, split shank, twisted, or beaded band just to name a few. For the head of the ring and depending on the cut of the center stone you can choose between different prong styles and shapes. Four, six, or eight prongs, bezel or tension set, eagle claw or beaded the list goes on.

In many cases a bride will chose a bold wedding band to accentuate the beauty of her engagement ring. Large stones in an eternity band are a popular choice for some however the beauty of a solitaire is that just about any style wedding band will work and look amazing!

Vintage Style Engagement Rings

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Vintage style engagement rings can either be truly vintage pre-owned rings or, like most simply vintage inspired to create a beautiful heirloom appeal. You can use any shape stone in a vintage style engagement ring. The settings are usually intricately carved. You’ll see a lot of filigree and milgrain in these beautiful styles.

There are many design eras that fall under the vintage category including Victorian, Edwardian, Art Noveau, and Art Deco to name a few.  The decorative metal work and light and airy looks are some ways to identify vintage styles. Geometric designs are often very bold and unique, they represent much of the Art Deco era. The airy designs are more Edwardian and much of the filigree work is found in Victorian settings.

Over all a vintage inspired ring is a beautiful work of art that is able to be appreciated from all angels.

Diamond Accented Engagement Rings

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Whatever doesn’t fall into the 3 categories above usually would be considered a diamond accented engagement ring or a side stone engagement ring. These rings are more traditional settings showcasing a center stone without a halo and using diamonds in the band.

The side stones can be larger or small but no matter what, they are sure to create a big sparkle. You can use diamonds or colored stones and you can even use a mix of both. The shapes of the stones can vary as well. Many brides prefer round side stones and some like a combination of cuts.  The stones can go half way or three quarters down the sides or maybe somewhere in between.

A popular style side stone ring is called a three stone ring that is when there is a main stone with two large side stones. These are a classic style favorited by many. They are thought to stand for the past, present, and the future of the relationship.

Hopefully this was a helpful rundown of ideas to get you to the next step in your journey. For more information or any specific questions you can reach the engagement ring experts at MoissaniteRings.com for help with all things rings!


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