4 Style Unique Wedding Dress Designs

In the past time, I have tried my best to satisfy all the illusions of the bride on the wedding dress. Because the wedding dress is different from the clothes that she usually wears, she has no judging standard. She is a dream come true.

And in my own mind, it always appears from time to time, all kinds of wedding dresses blur the outline, sometimes playful, sometimes elegant, sometimes dreamy.

I once dreamed that I wore a very elegant silk wedding dress, ran and ran against the wind in the vast wilderness, with a longing for happiness, and the air was full of clean and sweet smell.

The love I want is very pure, the wedding dress I want is even more pure.So for the 2019 wedding dress series, I no longer think about any theme. These are the wedding dresses in my heart. I hope they can meet the same pure brides as me.


Candy is a little girl with personality. She likes being free, but cute and dignified, with a thick soft satin texture and a comprehensive light silhouette. She can dance freely without losing temperament.

Melinda Collection

Melinda Melinda is a quiet mushroom, the softness and smoothness of Eugen yarn is just as cute as the girl next door. The three-dimensional water-soluble lace decoration adds a lot of layers to the soft wedding dress. We are pure but not losing the connotation Mushroom cold. The layered skirts are all 0.1cm hand-made curling process, and the ingenuity is in the details. Matched with Glitter Shoes, this is best wedding outfit.

Miya Collection

Miya Miya is a jungle fairy. The combination of big flower lace and gauze, transparent and dynamic, is undoubtedly a fairy. Unconventional wedding dress shape, breaking the traditional definition of wedding dress

Vivian Collection

Vivian Vivian is a small public illusion about wedding dresses. She has had a princess dream since childhood. Have you ever been a child, wearing blankets or scarves on your shoulders, pretending to be a fairy? (Covering face) I am, and then the layers of cake skirt underneath, when you put it on, you will unconsciously raise your head and lift your head, like a proud princess. The wedding princess shoes can be found in bridalime.

Vivian Vivian is a mature temperament girl with her own fashion pursuits. A set that can be worn directly to travel in Europe. A complex three-dimensionally tailored top. Layered. The skirt and triangle design make the overall shape perfect . Vivian is made blending with sexy design and elegance, you can miss that.

The top with a complicated structure and a simple veil hem instantly becomes gentle and romantic. Who said that a mature girl has no fresh and romantic side? This suit is designed for the kind of girl I like: independent, confident and beautiful, and has a comparable, enviable love.

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