4 Tips for Crafting a Summer Wedding Menu

summer wedding menu

You want food and drinks at a summer wedding to help guests stay cool and relaxed in the heat. Learn other tips for crafting a summer wedding menu here.

One of the key factors of a fun and comfortable summer wedding is the menu. You want your guests to feel cool and satisfied during the wedding. If you have a summer wedding coming up, we’ve got some useful tips for crafting the ideal menu.

Frozen Drinks To Stay Cool

For many, the best way to beat the summer heat is with a cold drink. You obviously want plenty of cold water for a summer wedding. You should also consider adding festive frozen cocktails to the menu, like frozen margaritas, piña coladas, and daiquiris.

For kids and those who don’t drink alcohol, a lemonade stand is a perfect way to get into the summer spirit with a sweet drink. We can all agree that the summer heat doesn’t feel so bad with a cold drink in hand!

summer wedding menu

Offer Fresh, Hydrating Snacks and Appetizers

A key tip for crafting a summer wedding menu is incorporating healthy, hydrating foods. When we think of hydration, many of us think of providing water, and while that’s important, foods can also keep guests hydrated all day.

Fresh fruits and veggies are mostly water and provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber, making them the perfect summer snack. For finger foods and appetizers throughout the wedding, consider incorporating fruits and veggies like:

  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupe
  • Strawberries
  • Peaches
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes
  • Asparagus

One of the benefits of a summer wedding is more daylight, so you can pack more into the day. However, you and your guests will need some hydrating and energizing foods to conquer the day!

Keep the Entrées Light

Regarding the main courses, keeping the entrées light is an excellent strategy for planning a comfortable summer wedding. The sun and heat can sap people’s energy, and entrées high in fat and salt—while delicious—can make your guests groggy and tired.

No one wants to have their dinner weigh them down when they hit the dance floor! Instead, keep the menu lighter, like a sushi or seafood bar, and smaller portions for chicken and red meat items.

Splurge on Desserts

While it’s wise to go light on the entrée, summer is the time to splurge on desserts! After all, what’s better than ice cream on a warm summer night? A spread of delicious desserts is an excellent way to keep your guests cool and satisfied at night’s end.

Ice cream sundae bars are always a hit with kids and their parents, or you can go with something simpler, like ice cream cones. Homemade, gourmet popsicles are also popular for many summer weddings, and you can even incorporate some alcohol-infused flavors for adults!

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