4 ways to feel as comfortable as you look beautiful on your wedding day

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When we’re planning a wedding and in particular the fashion side of the event, all the focus tends to go into how to look glamorous. That’s understandable – we want to appear the glowing bride in front of all our guests and be able to look back at our wedding photos and appreciate just how awesome we looked.

How many of us think about comfort when it comes to designing a wedding outfit? It’s a vital part of the dressing process that is often overlooked. If you’re spending the day thinking how uncomfortable you are in too-tight shape wear or how cold it is without a wrap or a jacket, you won’t be getting the full enjoyment out of the day that you deserve.

These tips will help you avoid all that – here are four ways to feel as comfortable as you look beautiful on your wedding day.

Bring a wrap or jacket

Wedding dresses aren’t designed for warmth and with formal wedding photos taking anything up to two hours to complete, there is every chance you’ll be standing around outside for long periods of time in between being photographed. Having a wrap or cute jacket that compliments your dress to keep you warm will ensure you are able to enjoy the moment and it can also come in handy at the end of the night when the temperature drops but the party is still ongoing.

Have a backup pair of shoes

Your might have sensibly gone for the most comfortable heels on the planet, knowing that you are going to be spending a lot of time on your feet even before you partake in the first dance and the party really gets started. Yet even those might not be enough to see you comfortably through the day. Chances are, your venues dancefloor will be wooden and we all know what a tool that can take on a woman in heels. Have a pair of flats or some comfortable shoes recommended by Authority Shoe available as a backup pair so that aching feet don’t end up stopping you bogeying long into the night.

Don’t squeeze yourself into too-tight shape wear

You might be able to breathe in to lose another inch, but it really isn’t worth it. Firstly, you’ll spend the day hot if your dress is unnaturally tight. Secondly, you won’t be able to eat as much and thirdly, if you can hardly move because of how tight your dress is, chances are you won’t be able to dance. Pick a size dress that is realistic and that you’ll be comfortable in.

Don’t always zip yourself up

There are times on your wedding day where you’ll want to be unzipped. The journey to the ceremony will likely be fraught with nerves and that will mean you are hotter and sweatier than normal. Give your body a fighting chance of staying cool and calm by unzipping the dress until your reach the ceremony destination, then have your Maid of Honor zip you back up for the walk down the aisle. There’s nothing to stop you unzipping for the food and speeches either for comfort reasons.


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    Very interesting dear) Have a nice weekend)

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    I love these ideas! I think I might bring a backup pair of shoes to my wedding, since no one can tell under my dress!


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