4 Ways To Identify if You Have Acne Spots or Rosacea

What do you do when your wedding is near and your skin flares up? Find the right treatment after using these ways to identify if you have acne spots or rosacea.

Your wedding day is quickly approaching, but your skin is not cooperating! You have substantial redness, inflamed bumps, and no answers. You assume it’s the average acne breakout, but there’s another condition to consider: rosacea, which some people refer to as “adult acne.”

You need your skin to look clear and flawless on your wedding day. Identifying if you have acne spots or rosacea is a must so that you can find the right treatment to have wedding-day-ready skin.

Acne Has Minimal Redness

An acne spot will have redness around it, but the inflammation won’t spread across the face. Any redness will appear solely around individual acne marks. You might mistake a cluster of acne spots for rosacea, but the redness is due simply to the natural inflammation that surrounds the average pimple.

Rosacea Causes Flushing

The redness associated with rosacea appears much differently. Widespread redness or flushing is a key sign of rosacea. Rosacea can also present with small red bumps and visible blood vessels on the face. The redness can appear worse on some days because of triggers such as spicy foods, sun exposure, and stress.

Acne Presents Comedones

A quick way to identify if you have acne spots or rosacea is to check if you have comedones. Also known as whiteheads or blackheads, comedones are small acne bumps that create uneven, rough skin. They occur due to increased oil production that blocks the hair follicles on the skin. They most commonly appear across the forehead and chin, but they can appear anywhere across the face.

Rosacea Feels Itchy and Irritating

Does your skin feel unbearably dry and rough? Are you constantly itching your face? Do you regularly feel a burning or stinging pain? All of these are symptoms of rosacea. They’re incredibly uncomfortable and can hinder daily activities.

The Value of a Proper Diagnosis

Making assumptions and trying treatments without a proper diagnosis can make things worse. Plus, the side effects of untreated rosacea could lead to eye irritation and overall worsening of the condition. If you suspect you have rosacea, seek medical attention from a dermatologist. They can provide guidance, treatment options, and general advice about how to care for your acne spots or rosacea.

Starting a skin-care regimen is just one tip to feel beautiful on your wedding day! Take care of yourself, find the perfect gown, and exude confidence as you marry the love of your life.

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