4 Wedding Checklist Items a Busy Bride To-Be Might Forget

You would never consider yourself to be a Bridezilla at all, even though you do know exactly what you want from your wedding day. You have never been more excited to receive astonishing gifts, celebrate with your loved ones and spend the rest of your life with the man you adore. Planning your wedding hasn’t been an easy task, but you think you have got the main details together. Your to-do list started out a mile long and you have gradually managed to tick everything off, but you’re worried you might be forgetting something. Here are a handful of things that might have slipped your mind.

1. Bridesmaid Gifts

Your bridesmaids have worked so hard to make your special day a stress free and enjoyable time for both you and your partner, so you need to repay the favour and make sure they have an amazing gift to take home on the day. You can buy stunning gift tower boxes in all different shapes and sizes which would be the perfect gift for your girls and the groomsmen of your husband to be too. Choose an array of colors so each person’s box is completely unique and tailored to their preferences.


2. Table Touches

You spent hours of your time pondering over the flower arrangements and centrepieces, but how much do you really know about the rest of the table decorations? Yes, the flowers will make up the main bulk of the decorations, but you might want to add your own creative flair to them too. Leave a special note for each of your guests, so that they know you have been thinking about them. You could even handwrite their name places too, in order to give that extra special personal touch.

3. Transport and Accommodation

You have spent so much time worrying about where all of your friends and family are going to stay that you haven’t even thought about the bridal suite yet! Don’t panic, your bridesmaids might already have that covered, so check with them first. You should also consult your fiancé too just in case he’s planned an elaborate surprise that you don’t know about.

4. Timings

You are aware of the general running order of your wedding day, but you have been through so many different options that you have forgotten what time everything actually starts. Being late for your own ceremony is a big no no, so you might want to double check your invitations. You should also make sure you have a big meal in the morning as the wedding breakfast might come later in the day than you would expect!

Your wedding day is going to run seamlessly if you have ticked all of these things off your list. Find amazing presents for your beautiful bridesmaids and make sure you have put your own creative spin on the table decorations. Paying close attention to the finer details and you won’t have to stress about a single thing on your special day. You want to remember your wedding day for the years to come, so spend a little extra time adding those finishing touches to your hard work.

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