5 Best Magnetic Lashes You Should Have in Your Vanity

magnetic lashes for 2022

Wondering how your favorite beauty gurus manage to pop on fake lashes so quickly without ruining their pretty eyeshadow palette? Falsies are notorious for being incredibly difficult to apply and even hard to remove. It sometimes leaves a ton of leftover glue and other residues — some even cause skin irritation. Alas, if your ideal lashes are full and voluminous, it may feel like you don’t have any other choice.

Well, that’s where magnetic lashes come in.

What are magnetic lashes?

As the name suggests, magnetic lashes are fake lashes that attach to the lash line magnetically. They can either come with a magnetic strip that you clamp over the lash line to secure the lashes in place or a magnetic eyeliner that you put on before you apply magnetic lashes.

Are magnetic lashes better for sensitive skin?

People with sensitive eyes are prone to allergic reactions, which is why they need to be careful with what eyeshadow palette they buy or what eyelash glue they apply. Eyelash glue contains toxic ingredients like ethyl cyanoacrylate and parabens, which can result in skin irritation and even burns.

The great thing about magnetic lashes, however, is that they remove the need for eyelash glue completely. In other words, they may even be a better alternative for people with sensitive skin.

Can magnetic lashes be re-used?

Similar to traditional lashes, magnetic lashes need to be kept clean and sanitized so they can last you a long time. Experts recommend that you clean magnetic lashes after every use to prevent possible infections or skin irritations. Magnetic lashes can accumulate a lot of debris over time, specifically from the eyeshadow palette you use on your lids.

To clean your magnetic lashes, you can run a lash brush over them to loosen any debris then wash it with clean warm water.

The best magnetic lashes 2022

Whether you’ve just gotten a new eyeshadow palette or are simply looking for ways to mix up your routine, getting the best magnetic lashes 2022 can help level up your look and even make your make-up routine much easier to do.

Best Budget: Ardell Professional

Magnetic lashes can present a bit of a learning curve, even for most make-up experts. Therefore, you want to buy a pair of magnetic lashes that aren’t so expensive to practice on. One of the best magnetic lashes of 2022 for beginners is the Ardell Professional Demi Wispies.

They’re cruelty-free and reusable, not to mention budget-friendly. The Ardell Professional are clip-type magnetic lashes, so all you’ll need to do is position your lashes the way you want them then secure them with the provided magnet.

Best Vegan: Glamnetic False Lashes

The Glamnetic False Lashes by Sephora are award-winning magnetic lashes that feature top-quality synthetic fibers equipped with lightweight POwerGrip technology for all-day security. It’s trimmable, so you can shorten it to the length you need to ensure the best fit. It’s also made of vegan materials and ingredients, which make them the ideal product for people with sensitive skin.

Although it’s slightly on the pricey side, the Glamnetic False Lashes are reusable, so you can get your money’s worth, as long as you know how to properly clean your magnetic lashes.

Best for Convenience: The Diva Lash

Need a pair of Brooklyn lashes to match the current brow gel trend? This Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelash Kit from Diva Lash is one of the best magnetic lashes for 2022. It comes in 10 different styles, including Savannah, New York, Hollywood, and Brooklyn.

Out of the box, you get one black magnetic eyeliner, 10 extra anchors, and a magnetic lash of your choice. These magnetic lashes can go up to 20+ uses, depending on how you maintain them.

Best Waterproof Option: Arishine

If there are waterproof eyeshadow palettes, there are also waterproof magnetic lashes. The Arishine Magnetic Lashes Kit contains five (5) pairs of waterproof magnetic lashes and a stick of magnetic eyeliner. They’re very easy to use; simply apply a coat of eyeliner over your lash line and stick on the magnetic lashes.

These lashes are durable and strong and can last you more than 20 uses. Sweat, rain, or a dip in the pool can’t make the Arishine lose color.

Best Splurge: The Diva Lash (Deluxe Kit)

If you want to splurge on the best magnetic lashes of 2022, the Diva Lash Delux Kit is a great choice. You get five (5) pairs of high-quality magnetic lashes out of the box, plus two bottles of magnetic eyeliner. Each lash features seven small magnets to secure the lashes onto your lash line. You also get 10 extra anchors, in case you lose a couple of them later on.

The great thing about this set is that it can last you months with the proper care and maintenance. So, remember to clean your lashes after every use and place them back into their box to keep them safe.

Final thoughts

Beauty doesn’t have to be a pain like everyone says it does. Making your routines more efficient and convenient should be your number one priority. The products we mentioned above are some of the best magnetic lashes for 2022. Make sure to set aside space for them in your vanity this year.


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