5 easy ways you can help save the ocean

save the ocean

As a traveler, you have probably already seen it, a beach full of plastic and waste in that beautiful clear water where you are diving or snorkeling. But the problem goes far beyond that the ocean is ruined by plastic waste.

You might not notice it in your daily routine, but we humans are very dependent on the ocean. From food to cooling, but we also use the ocean to transport goods. Even more than that, the climate and the ocean have an important interaction. Without the ocean, the earth is not livable. So you could say that the ocean functions as the lungs of the earth. At the moment there are 3 major threats that put this function under great pressure. Overfishing, climate change, and plastic pollution. Good reason to help save the ocean.

All the plastic that exists in the world will never go away since plastic can’t be broken down in nature. It often ends up in the ocean via streets, rivers, and the wind. With a growing world population, we will only end up with more plastic if we don’t do anything about it.

See the infographic below with 5 easy ways you can help save the ocean. And visit www.parasaildestin.com for more information and tips.

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