5 Great Gift Ideas For The Groom


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Got a wedding coming up? Need to buy a gift for the groom? Men can often be tricky to buy gifts for and the temptation can be to buy something generic. Instead, why not buy a gift that won’t just go on to be sold or re-gifted after. Here are a few ideas that are likely to be a greater token of appreciation.

Personalise an item

Consider an item with a personalised message on it that will bring back happy memories of the wedding day for the groom for years to come. It’s often better if the item has a use and isn’t just a handkerchief or a plaque. This could a leather wallet with a hand-stitched message or an engraved hipflask. The message need only be a simple ‘congratulations, you’re married’, although you may be able to get the date engraved and names of the two newly-weds for a more personal touch. There are various places online for engraving or stitching personal messages.

Get them an experience

Experience packages can make great gifts for men. Physical gifts may not always be remembered – you may even end up getting something that they already own – but an experience is certain to offer something new that will be remembered. You could even make it a joint present for the groom and bride to enjoy such as a meal at an expensive restaurant or a hot air balloon ride for two. Just make sure it’s something that will get used up – a hot air balloon ride won’t be any good if the groom is scared of heights.

Share good memories

This can be another great joint present – you could wrap up a framed photograph you took of the couple back when they were first dating. You may alternatively be able to find a gift related to a private joke, or a gift that’s a memento of something before the wedding day.

Feed their interests

Chocolates and beers can be obvious gifts. Make it something personal that possibly relates to their interests. For example, it could be a chocolate guitar or a craft ale with a fitting name. You may even be able to think up a foody gift that the couple can share.

Help them with their honeymoon

The married-couple-to-be may already have a honeymoon booked, or may have no plans at all. Either way, you can help them prepare. Think of holiday items such as a nice pair of shades or a bottle of champagne to take away with them. You could even leave some money or a cheque that can go towards funding a trip away (you can leave a message in the card about it going towards their honeymoon).

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