The 5 Love Languages You Need To Practice In Your Marriage

the 5 love languages

Dating is often a passion-packed blissful affair. The parties involved present their best. The gentleman will exclaim, ‘She’s warm, she dresses well, and her makeup is on point. The lady, on the other hand, will reiterate. ‘He treats me well, he knows the very words to tell me, and the positives go on and on.

Settling down under one roof presents a different ball game. It becomes apparent that we are naturally different from each other. What turns you on could be the very thing that puts me off. Understanding the 5 love languages may go a long way to ensuring you stay married. You can get the New York times best selling book by Gary Chapman here.

the 5 love languages

the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman

Words of Affirmation

Words sink deep. What your partner says to you and how they say it is critical. After years of marriage words like, ‘I love you.’ ‘You mean the world to me.’, become scarce or disappear altogether.  It’s amazing what words can do. Majority of ladies love being affirmed by their spouses. Men who have learnt this, always have women fighting for their attention. You need to let those reassuring words flow more often. It could be the fuel that you need to keep your marriage burning.

Quality Time

A newly married couple resolved not to buy a television set for one year after their wedding. This is so that while they are at home, the only company they could have is that of each other. Maybe what is most important to your spouse is to spend quality time with you. And while you are at it, give him or her a listening ear and undivided attention.

Receiving Gifts

To some couples, receiving gifts is their love language. It’s even better when it comes from someone they love. The gift has a way of warming their hearts in unimaginable ways. Keeping those gifts flowing more often assures them of your commitment and love to them and could be just one of the ways to stay married.

Acts of Service

For your spouse, it could be what you do to them and not what you say that matters most. If service is your partner’s love language. Shake off any laziness on your part and be prepared to go out of your way and make things happen for them. Of the 5 love languages, this one feels very selfish and is demanding on the part of the giver. Failure to fulfill it may spell doom to your marriage.

Physical Touch

Appropriate, deliberate touch outside the bedroom like holding hands when walking, kissing and embracing more often may mean the world to your spouse.

Your significant other is the most important person in your life for obvious reasons. There is need to embrace ways to stay married. Knowledge of the 5 love languages lets you to quickly pinpoint and meet those needs.

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