5 luxurious eco wedding resorts

The rise of humankind has coincided with a wave of destruction and disorder brought upon the environment. But with the dawn of the twenty-first century. A global sense of responsibility has taken shape and people now seek to restore the precious and delicate balance in nature. This passion combined with having a luxurious wedding of your dream can mean only one thing – eco wedding resorts! So here are our picks of top eco-resorts for your wedding:

Eco wedding resorts in Belize

This South American city hosts so much more than eco-friendly resorts. Experience the breathtaking Mayan ruins nestled within its forests. Dive deep down in its crystal blue waters and swim along the docile whale sharks (don’t worry, they don’t bite). Go out for kayaking along the silvery coastline, and when you’re done exploring, get married!

eco wedding resorts


On the other side of the Pacific, this mighty island, which happens to be the third-largest in the world, offers a great deal. Explore the exotic and unique wildlife, witness baby turtles dashing for the water. Immerse yourself in the rich Asian culture and have a blast of a wedding at one of their fine eco-resorts.


Feel the breathtaking package of the land of fire and ice. Enjoy the ice caps, volcanoes, and hot springs, all the while knowing that it is perhaps one of the most eco-friendly places on the planet. With most of its energy derived from renewable resources, Iceland strives to preserve its unique, out of this world environment. And your wedding photos are surely going to look great.


This South Indian state is honed for its heat and its jungles. Experience the perfect sunbathing experience and take a safari through the rich and diverse forests. After you’ve worn yourself out with all the wedding planning and traveling, enjoy a soothing ayurvedic massage, after all you deserve it.

Bora Bora

This French Polynesian island attracts much attention globally for its innate beauty and the crystal blue lagoon that has been tirelessly preserved. The island has been summed up as “paradise on Earth” and does not need a more apt description.

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