5 Luxury Wedding Accessories that Will Boost Your Glamorous Look

wedding accessories

While wedding glamour is definitely something a lot of brides strive towards, accomplishing it can be a bit tricky. We all know that wedding accessories make or break the outfit, even when it comes to the wedding gown, but how do you do it right? How do you make sure you actually look glamorous instead of tacky? The trick is to pick the right pieces and never go overboard, to find the right balance between shimmer and elegance, and to make sure each detail remains true to your style.

If you’re in need of some ideas on how to accomplish that, check out our suggestions for the best way to accessorize your look.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

wedding accessories

Weddings and diamonds have always gone hand in hand, and if you’ve got money to splurge, a pair of hanging diamond droplet earrings is a very foolproof way to look glam as hell. What you pick will really depend on what your dress is like, and if your dress is fairly simple and clean-cut then feel free to go all in and grab a big, intricate necklace to grace your neck.

Diamonds are very eye-catching, there’s no way to wear them and not have all the eyes immediately turn towards them, so do be careful if your wedding gown is full of beads and shimmery details. If the dress itself is big, and splendorous, and glamorous, only minimal diamond wedding accessories can work.

A look’s never complete without good shoes

If you’ve got your dress, then you can certainly start looking for the perfect shoes. What you pick depends mostly on your personality, and the days of high-heeled white pumps as the only option are gone. There are brides who marry in their favorite Chucks, so you’re really free to pick whatever makes you happy. Being traditional is also completely okay – Meghan Markle herself wore for a pair of white satin pumps for the royal wedding, and shows us how elegant simplicity can be.

Champagne, snow white, ivory, and nude are great choices, but if you want something with a little more edge why not pick a metallic gold sandal to go with your warm ivory dress? Or maybe something in rose gold, or even a blue shoe for the sake of “something blue” factor. Make sure the shoe is sleek and comfortable because you’ll be walking and standing around in it a lot.

Timeless elegance with pearls

If there’s one thing that goes with almost any kind of wedding dress, it’s pearls. Pearls are timeless, they are feminine, and they are believed to attract wealth and good karma – not a bad way to start off your marriage! There’s nothing quite like a pair of beautiful real pearl earrings to grace your face, especially if you pick something simple and elegant. A pearl necklace is also a good option, but nothing will be quite as versatile as a pair of subtle earrings. This is for the bride who truly wants to radiate that ageless beauty, but it’s also very modern given that we have seen quite a lot of pearls at this year’s runways – particularly at Chanel.

Hair wedding accessories to make you luminous

A couple of hair slides with beaded details can make your hair look artfully stylish, and you can easily put them in your wedding bun. Of course, pearls work here as well, and you can pick a pearl-encrusted hair comb if you want to make your hair look more elegant and keep everything firmly in place. Don’t be afraid of loose hairstyle either, because hair clips are pretty in this season, and this accessory really gives romantic curls a whole new level of beauty.

Circlets and headbands

If you want something that’s truly unique and feminine, then pick a wedding circlet. It’s bound to be noticed, and it can frame your face and style up your hair and make you look graceful and romantic. These kinds of circlets and headbands also have a fantasy feel to them, and they’re a very traditional part of Celtic wedding customs, so wearing one could make you look like you just stepped out of a fairy tale. It can be a good choice even for modern weddings, but this style does work the best for more traditional, regal looks.

Remember to always pick wedding accessories that suit your personality. If you’re not the kind of gal who ever wears much jewelry and don’t feel comfortable in it, then don’t feel obliged to start now. If, however, you want to be all glammed up and have sparkles gracing your wedding look, then feel free to go all in.

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