5 Of The UKs Best Wedding Photographers

wedding photography

There are so many important decisions to make when planning your wedding day. Arguably the most important of all is finding the right photographer. A wedding photographer is massively important because no matter how much our memories falter in later life, good quality wedding photographs can capture those magical moments forever. For that reason, here are five photographers who capture those moments better than anyone else in the UK.

Francesca Hill

All of the top wedding photographers adopt or develop a signature style to their photography, and Francesca Hill is no exception. The UK based photographer has an international reputation and works in a documentary style. Her style is incredibly distinctive yet subtle, bringing together contemporary ideas with fine art photography. Her portfolio captures both the celebratory carnival of weddings biggest moments with the most intimate and innocent moments of the day.

Ross Harvey

This multi award winning wedding photographer has been recognised for his consistent work in England, the whole of the UK and internationally by Junebug who recognise their favourite wedding photographers in a global directory. Ross Harvey, not dissimilarly to Francesca Hill, looks to document the most intriguing moments of the day, instead of preparing the usual pre set photos of family and friends that many of us are used to.


Katy & Co

Katy & Co are wedding photographers initially set up by the aforementioned Kay, who has now grown her fantastic business to more than a one-woman band operation. With a history working with some of the UKs best documentary and photojournalists, her style enraptures both the natural beauty of documentary style shooting with subtle but utterly staggering cinematic flourishes which make her work very distinctive and successful. This approach is to really tell the story of your big day as oppose to the conventional traditional approach many people might be more familiar with.


Marianne Chua

If your dream wedding is one full of laughs, then Marianne Chua is the photographer for you. She must comfortably produce the most consistently quirky and beautiful collections in the UK, making anyone jealous they weren’t even so much as a plus one at your wedding due to the fun they missed out on. Her combination of quirk and beauty in her composition is unlike most of what you can find, so if you want photos you can look back at with an uncontrollable laugh and also a tear or two, she is is a good bet.


Danny Woodstock

A photographer who takes cinematic styling to another level is Danny Woodstock. The creative wedding photographer likes to work with couples to find out as much about them and their dream day as he can He then works with them to make their most dreamed of images come true, along side a host of great images capturing the day itself. Some of his photos bring the traditional wedding photo into the 21st century, taking classic grouping such as the bridesmaids, and creating refreshing group pictures to their ideal specification.

These 5 photographers showcase just a snippet of the fantastic wedding photographers out there, as well as the many other styles available over the traditional style. No matter what your looking for, the right option is out their and waiting for you to book.

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