5 Reasons to get married on Ibiza

ibiza wedding

Apart from being a heaven for partying and festivals, Ibiza has another, much more romantic and idyllic side to it. It can be a place where another unforgettable and very important event of our lives can take place – our wedding. Ibiza is a perfect choice for your special day, whether you dreamed of getting married on the countryside, on the beach or in the city. Before your wedding  Yes, this party island also has a peaceful and romantic side to it and so here are the top 5 reasons for marrying abroad and saying our vows on Ibiza, Mediterranean paradise.

  1. Saying yes on the beach

Many of us dream saying our vows to the person we plan to spend the rest of our lives with under the white arch on the beautiful beach. It is a classic wedding fairy tale and that is why Ibiza wedding is the perfect option for marrying abroad. Having gorgeous, long beaches and beach resorts of all types, this island offers an unforgettable moment and will sure make our special day even more special.

  1. Romantic ambience on the countryside

This Spanish island offers gorgeous countryside for those who prefer saying yes in the breathtaking rustic scenery, as there are many villas and resorts who offer just this kind of experience, in traditional Spanish style or more sophisticated and luxurious ones with just a touch of rustic. Ibiza’s countryside is breathtaking, as the who island, from the beach to the hills offers a perfect scenery for our wedding day.

  1. Many different resort options

The most amazing thing about this famous island is that it offers many different options when it comes to resorts where the wedding will take place. From white villas with swimming pools and scenic view to the small or luxurious beach resorts and or fancy hotels in the urban area – An Ibiza wedding offers many options for different preferences and makes it much easier to organise the wedding of our dreams on the perfect location.

  1. Adventure and party

This one is Ibiza’s very obvious asset. With many nightclubs and bars, an Ibiza wedding is perfect for wedding parties of all types. It offers unforgettable times with our guests and adds a vibe of exotic party moment to our special day. Not to mention you can actually get married on a wild party here. Make sure to give your guests some surprises or summer wedding favors to keep them entertained.

  1. Honeymoon wedding

Last, but not the least. Ibiza can be a perfect option for both getting married and having a honeymoon. You can say it is a two in one. After the guests are gone you don’t have to go home. Instead, you can stay with your special one and enjoy the beauty of this Mediterranean gem, relax, party and go to the beach and have the most memorable time of your lives.


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