5 Things To Consider for a Winter Wedding

You’re engaged, and now comes the fun of wedding prep. If you’ve never thought about a winter wedding, let this list guide you in the right direction.

Traditionally, planning for a spring or summer wedding is what people prefer for many reasons. But the thought of a wedding in a life-sized snow globe sounds dreamier than a hot and humid backyard bash. To help you navigate the possibilities, here are five things to consider for a winter wedding—bundle up!

Location, Location, Location

Possibly the most significant decision you make for your wedding will be the venue and its location. For obvious reasons, you want a winter wedding indoors. It’s also best to consider keeping all the activities in one place, so you and your guests don’t have to be in and out all day.

A few things to make a note of are the lighting features and a sound heating system. A fireplace in the reception hall would be ideal. But you can also place baskets with little fleece throws around the venue to accommodate anyone who may get chilly.

Decorate to the Season 

Nothing is off-limits when it’s finally your turn to tie the knot. It’s probably easier to decorate in warm weather, but some things to consider for a winter wedding include seasonal decorations. There is a whole host of directions you can go for the winter season.

Anything from a snowy moment full of warm lighting and glistening china to a full-blown Christmas-themed bash is perfect. A few other items that tie everything together are pine cones, berries, white birch, greenery, and candles—tons of candles.

Consider the Sun’s Schedule

Yes, this is important. In the winter months, the sun sets earlier than anyone would like. So when you start thinking about time slots for each portion of the wedding, be mindful of the sun’s schedule and how that will play a part in your big day.

If you want any outdoor imagery, plan to do things from morning to mid-day for the best possible outcomes.

A Warm and Cozy Menu

The menu at any wedding, regardless of season, is often what people think about the most. While most decisions you make are vital, this one can make or break your event. Consider food and drink choices that are comforting to guests, like:

  • Soups
  • Potatoes
  • Hot cocoa
  • S’mores
  • Cinnamon flavors

Be Selective on Dresses

Since you’re the bride, all eyes will be on you at any given moment throughout the day. Be mindful of your dress selection. It’s sometimes challenging to meet the standards of both style and warmth at the same time.

The best way to get started is to think about the fabrics and how they layer and stack. Options like lace and tulle best serve the winter season, but you can also wear a faux fur cover or white leather jacket for a removable option.

Preparing for a wedding is high stress, no matter the season. There are many pieces and parts that bring everything together. Hopefully, this straightforward guide will help you get your planning off to a glittering start.

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