5 Tips For A Bride To Pick The Best In Men’s Chains For Her Groom


When it comes to buying a gift for her groom, every bride may find it to be a confusing. While you can pick options like a nice shirt, a watch or tie, you can also get a little more generous by gifting him jewelry. While shopping for men’s jewelry, there is a lot that you need to know before picking a piece that is perfect for your partner. What about buying him a nice chain that reminds him of your love forever!

Chains and necklaces were initially worn by men to show off their wealth and status but gradually they have attained the status of high-fashion accessories. However, it is not just picking up any chain or pendant because you need to get smart with every accessory piece that you buy for him. Men’s fashion is all about making an impression without being too loud, a rule that you should follow while choosing a piece for your neck too. Here are some tips that fashion gurus have for picking the best in men’s chains.

Buy a chain that makes a statement

Before you buy a chain for his accessory collection, understand his personal style. Know the reason that he would want to wear it for; whether it is just a style statement or he would want to exhibit his religious beliefs by pairing it with a talisman pendant, or flaunt one for a hip-hop look. There are also certain styling rules that determine the choice of chains and necklaces. For instance, bulkier men can carry thicker and heavier chains better while thinner chains are suitable for skinny men.

Once you are clear about the intention of gifting a neckpiece, you can buy one that perfectly matches his vision. Whether it is an outfit or accessory that you buy for him, always stick to his personal style statement because it will make him feel comfortable. Moreover, the jewelry pieces that you buy with this mindset have a longer shelf life, which means that he will be happy carrying them year after year rather than just wear them once and simply forget about them.

Pick a metal he would like

Another key consideration while picking a chain that he can wear with aplomb is choosing the right metal. Focus on adding variety to his collection because you would want him to have something different to wear from time to time. While gold and silver remain the classic favorites in men’s chains, you can opt for unusual variants like oxidized sterling silver and beaded necklaces for getting appreciation for your unique choice.

Before you choose such options, make sure that he has the basics. When buying precious metals like gold and silver, ensure that you buy pure stuff from reliable sellers. It is a good idea to explore some online options as well because you can buy pieces in a few clicks and still be sure that you are getting genuine products. There are several trustworthy websites such as Frostnyc where you can buy mens gold chains that are the best in terms of purity, designs and prices.

Choose the right length

Ideally, the length of men’s chains should be anything between 18 and 22 inches as it will sit below the collarbone. If you want him to wear a longer one with a pendant, you can try a longer one with length between 26 and 30 inches. A long chain would be a good option if he would want to make his chest appear broader with a smart pendant hanging around the chest area. It will also give an elongated appearance to his neck. A shorter chain, on the other hand, is good for men with lean and muscular physique.

Layering multiple chains is an experiment that he can try to make a new statement this New Year. Check out his collection and see how he can mix and match the chains for a smart, layered look. Further, suggest him to try different chain lengths for different occasions. A longer one is apt for a casual evening look and a short one looks better with formal dressing.

Let him make a personal statement with a pendant

While you can just stick with the chain alone, adding a pendant that replicates his personal statement is a good idea. A statement pendant can enhance his look as well as get heads turning to make him the center of attraction wherever he goes. You can gift an alphabet pendant, a religious symbol, a talisman, or something that shows his belief and attitude. You can explore a huge variety in pendants in brands and online and also have a piece customized just for him.

The choice of a pendant design depends on you; while you may want to copy his favorite celebrity, it is still better to look for something that appeals to him and matches his personality. Look for something that attracts him, complements his style and has a special meaning for him. It can be initials or name of a loved one or something that has a special meaning for you and him. There are designs like anchor and holy cross, which have special meanings.

Tell him how to wear it

Gifting your groom the right chain is just half the work done as you have to help him to wear it as well. Pairing the right chain with the right outfit and the right occasion is very important. Long chains with pendants look the best with crew neck and V-neck tees while shorter ones are better worn with shirts. While combining a chain with any ensemble, ensure that he match his metals too, if he is wearing other metallic accessories such as rings and bracelets. And remember to match it with his watch and belt buckle as well.

A stylish chain can lift your man’s style quotient manifold as it adds attitude to his look. Just ask him to wear a long chain with a plain white tee and a leather jacket and he will surely make heads turn! Similarly, a smart short chain close to the neckline can boost his professional style immediately and make him a winner in the boardroom. It is just a matter of combining the right chain with the right outfit and he can be the star anywhere.

A chain is a contemporary men’s accessory that can enhance his style quotient. It will also be a memorable wedding gift. Just buy him a nice one and you’ll love the twinkle in his eye!


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