5 Tips for Storing Your Wedding Jewelry

The jewelry you wear for your wedding carries quite a lot of significance. Every piece brings back sweet memories of one of the most special days of your life. But with time, your bridal jewelry may get dull or tarnished. If you are in need of jewelry repair read the tips on Sense Orient. All it requires is a little bit of organization and planning and your wedding jewelry will remain as good as new at all times.

One way to ensure that the pieces remain sparkling even after several years is to store them in the right way. Here are five easy tips that you can keep in mind…

1. Invest in a good-quality jewelry box

Investing in a proper jewelry box is a must. If your wedding jewelry trousseau has a lot of small pieces, a box with multiple compartments is ideal. Separate the jewelry based on type. If you prefer to store different sets together, lined pouches make a good choice too.

2. Use a lining

Whatever your choice of storage, make sure that you use quality lining. Silk, satin muslin or plush velvet make excellent lining fabrics. If you can’t get your hands on any of these, use a thick woolen cloth or create a padding using a thick layer of pure cotton. This prevents the jewelry from getting scratched on the surface. Even if you store two pieces of jewelry together, use this lining to separate the two.

3. Do not overcrowd

Carefully place each piece of jewelry individually and not along with other pieces. This will help avoid friction and breakage. Hard gems such as diamond, sapphire and rubies will easily scratch all the softer gems they touch. Hence, it is very important that you separate each piece, rather than throwing them all in together in the same pouch or box.

4. Ideal storage temperature

Exposure to excessive light and heat can have a tremendous impact on a gemstone’s durability. It will cause the gem to lose its color and sparkle and also weaken it. Ensure that your pieces ae stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

5. Clean your jewelry before storing it

Make sure you always clean your jewelry after wearing it. Lotions, hairsprays and other synthetic materials can react with the metal or gemstone and make it appear dull. Water and natural skin oils or sweat can also have an adverse effect on fine jewelry. Hence it is recommended that you clean your pieces before putting them away in your jewelry box.

While storing your bridal jewelry the right way is crucial, also do make sure that you take the pieces out periodically, clean them and check for any loose settings. All it requires is a little bit of organization and planning and your wedding jewelry will remain as good as new at all times.

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