5 tips to keep your marriage happy and healthy


A marriage is an eternal bond which does not connect two bodies, but two souls into one. The relationship between you and your soul mate is one of the most important relationships of your life. It is also delicate too, so you need to take care of it with great affection. If you are married for so many years and if it is still going strong then you are very lucky that you are keeping your marriage happy and healthy.

Your marriage is not the bed of roses where there will only love and lust. In addition to this emotions and responsibilities to are part of your marriage. In a marriage, you need to balance these four things to keep it happy and run for a duration of a lifetime. Don’t let the spark of your marriage extinguish and try to keep your marriage working. Here are the 5 tips to be followed by you and your partner to keep your marriage happy and healthy.

These are as follows:

  1. Communicate

Effective communication is the biggest weapon which could almost stop the war between two countries. But this is the communication between a husband and wife which is very necessary to balance your family’s happiness. If you both are working and don’t have time to talk to each other. Then you must take some time aside after you reach home and talk to your partner about your day at the office and other experiences of life. You must also confide your feelings towards your partner and ask for advice. Be honest in your approach. Finally, it is important to remember that proper communication is the key to a happy, healthy and long-lasting marriage.

  1. Appreciate

You must appreciate each other’s work. If your wife cooks a meal for you, appreciate her. If your husband does the laundry or washes the dishes to lessen the work burden, then you must say thank you to him and appreciate his work.

  1. Appearance

When you were in the early stage of your relationship with your spouse, you used to take extra care of your looks and hair. After you get married and have kids, you tend to take less care about your looks. It is advisable to never to appear in day old clothes with no touch-ups. Instead, try to look good and decent in front of your spouse. You must know that your spouse will never expect you to look like an attractive damsel or a handsome hunk. But you must look decent whenever you meet your spouse after work.

  1. Rekindle your romance by celebrating your marriage anniversary

Do not let the romance and attraction towards each other fade away after you have kids and while taking family responsibility. Spend time with your spouse for at least once a week without your kids and other family members. Once again you must ignite your love and passion with each other through long drives, a weekend holiday, and a candlelight dinner along with an active sex life. Moreover, you can also celebrate your marriage anniversary by sending a beautiful Anniversary quotes to your partner.

  1. Loyalty & Honesty

The most important tip is to be loyal and honest with each other. You must never lie to each other regarding money matters and personal matters. Moreover, if you want to keep strong your marriage, you must never cheat each other with a third person in your life.

Final Thoughts

A successful marriage to keep it working for the long run requires a lot of hard work from both the sides. It is the responsibility of the husband and wife to keep it safe and working. There is nothing you cannot achieve, and this is just the marriage which requires keeping it healthy and happy if you follow the above 5 tips.

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