5 Types of Meaningful Gemstone Rings

Moonstone Stackable Ring

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Beautiful gold rings with gemstones are just about as beautiful, timeless and sentimental as it gets! Whether you’re shopping for a style to add to your personal collection, or to gift one of your loved ones, you really cannot go wrong with a stunning gemstone ring. Here are five types of gemstones that make the perfect embellishment to any style of ring, and what they mean…


Shimmering, mystical Moonstone is a classic gemstone. This stone is associated with inner strength, personal growth and new beginnings. It’s also thought to bring harmony, balance and peace to those who wear it, as well as a touch of luck. Moonstone is a gorgeous, milky-white stone that glows in the light.


The brilliant yellow-green glint of Peridot is thought to bring compassion, bolder expression and a heightened sense of spirituality to the wearer. The rare, pale green tone of Peridot looks amazingly unique and striking against all metals.


Citrine glows with a yellow, warm amber hue, and it’s known to charge wearers with energy, intuition and a zest for life. This bright, bold gemstone attracts positivity and the fresh color is thought to stimulate the brain.


The stunning, rich purple of the Amethyst gemstone is noted for its soothing, harmonizing abilities. This gem looks beautiful in all forms, cuts and settings, with its emotional capacity and balancing impact channeling peace and harmony to every wearer.


Aquamarine’s brilliant blue tone is incredibly eye-catching, evoking purity, clarity and calm energy. This gemstone is thought to carry many properties of the ocean, and is known to have an invigorating effect on its wearer.

These are just some of the options you’ll encounter when you’re browsing for beautiful gemstone rings. Each unique stone carries its own properties, qualities and dimensions, and you really cannot go wrong with any naturally sourced, organic gemstone option out there. Choose according to taste and preference in order to find the best piece for yourself or for your lucky loved one.

Gifting gemstone jewelry…

Gemstone rings make the ideal gift for anyone in your life. They are all beautifully unique and personal, making a stone studded ring the perfect sentimental present. You can even look into birthstone jewelry and pick the gemstone that matches your loved one’s birth month for a truly individualistic and memorable gift.

What to look out for…

When you’re shopping around for your gemstone ring, it’s important that you look out for…


Gemstones can vary tremendously in quality, and therefore it is important to pay attention to the sourcing and making process of your prospective gemstone ring. Raw cut stones sourced in a sustainable, ethical manner will always lead you to high quality pieces. Search for artfully handmade items that are set in solid, pure metals to find a striking ring that’s going to stand the test of time. For truly flawless quality, you’ll want to stay away from fast fashion brands and instead hunt for smaller boutique designers who are transparent in their production process.

Other Materials

Your ring won’t only be made of gemstones, and so it’s key that you also consider the base metal of your ring. This is a question of choosing quality, but it also comes down to personal preference.. If you love all things golden, opt for warm yellow gold, rose gold or copper. Maybe you prefer your rings on the cooler side? In that case, you’ll be happier with white gold, platinum or silver. Silver really takes the cake if you can’t decide – it suits all undertones and gemstones!

Are you ready to find your dream gemstone ring?

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