5 Unique Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for Your Wedding

As the bride, planning a wedding can stressful and pull emotions all over the place. That’s why bridesmaids are so important. From childhood besties to coworkers, sorority sisters and family, a bride can trust them with fulfilling details on her wedding without the worry.

The best gifts a bride can give to her bridesmaids are personalized, to truly show appreciation and to highlight the thought and care it took to pick out each item.Personalization can be simply picking out an item that fits their personality to customizing an item with initials, “bridesmaid” in fun sparkly letters, or finding something from a past memory between the two of you.

We compiled a list of unique bridesmaid gifts ideas, that are personalized and fun to show the gratitude for the women standing beside the bride on her special day. Here are the perfect ways to say thanks:

At home spa products

It’s their day too; bridesmaids want to look beautiful (obviously not taking the spotlight away from the bride) and well rested before the big day. They are also stressed, if not more stressed than the bride, trying to make her day absolutely perfect. Gift an at-home spa kit bridesmaids can use the night before to rejuvenate and receive some much-deserved pampering. Personalize with scents and products based on their interests! Are they a fan of face and body masks? Or a fan of body scrubs and luxurious body butter? Maybe honey, a warm mug of tea and a candle is their perfect night in.


Clutches are ideal for weddings as they are the prefect size for a phone, lip balm and tissues – the essentials for a beautiful wedding ceremony. Embellish clutches with initials of the bridesmaid so they can use it for multiple occasions or break out the bedazzler and decorate for a fun bachelorette event!

Lip Balms

For the all-natural loving soul, consider including honey based lip balms. Give the gift of luxuriously smooth soft lips in a cute packaging that will easily fit into any stylish clutch. Lipstick is great for photos but once the ceremony is over and the real party begins, a simple shine with a touch of juicy color is perfect for a bridesmaid. (Especially for the impromptu bathroom trips with the bride and having to hold her gown!)


For all weddings, there is no gift better than a shawl. Outside weddings can become cold as the day progresses and you can never trust the temperature inside of venues, churches or great halls. Matches colors to the color to the colors of your wedding or the season! A shawl will keep bridesmaids comfortable throughout the event, so they can enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

Scents and perfumes

The most personalized and useful gift a bride can give her bridesmaids is a scent. Just be sure to do some detective work to learn what fragrances they like the best. Investing in a small bottle is perfect to tuck away into a clutch. When the dancing starts, your bridesmaids can stay fresh and smelling good all night long!

Advice on buying gifts:

Start the shopping process early! Bridesmaids gifts may sound like a minor thing that can be put off to the last minute but to truly say thanks a little time and love needs to be put in. Along with the wedding plan, create a list on ideas for gifts and be sure to carve out a time at least a month before the wedding. It will be something fun to get your mind off the wedding and do some much-needed retail therapy. If you are ordering items online, allow for shipping time and potentially time to return something if it comes damaged.

Pay the bill yourself! Even if the wedding expenses are covered the bride and groom’s family members its genuine to pay for the bridesmaid’s gifts yourself. If the bridesmaids find out, it makes it extra-special and even more thoughtful.

Don’t forget a handwritten note! Saying thank you is one thing, but including a handwritten note makes this gift more personalized. It shows a loving connection the bride has with her bridesmaids. That you were able to take time of your busy life balancing wedding planning, a job and everything else.

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