5 Unique Ways to Add a Spark to Your Wedding Jewelry Collection (2023)

The day you promise your loved one to be with them through the ups and downs of life – your wedding day – is one of the most precious days of your life. And it goes without saying that every bride wants their look to be the talk of the town on their wedding day. While your bridal glow and soft blush are sure to make you the cynosure of all eyes on your big day, there are some more things you need to check so that you bring your fashion A-game at your wedding, such as your wedding dress and your jewelry.

Your wedding jewelry collection adds the finishing touch to your wedding attire and can make or break your entire look. Since there are too many choices available in the market for wedding jewelry, we have decided to narrow it down for your ease. Here are five unique ways to add a spark to your wedding jewelry collection – so let’s jump right in! If you are looking for unique ways to add a spark to your wedding jewelry collection, you must read the rest of this article.

Top 5 Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Jewelry Collection

1. Mix and Match Metals

Gone are the days when your wedding jewelry had to be a perfect match. Mixing metals is the latest trend, and it’s perfect for adding some personality and uniqueness to your wedding jewelry collection. Consider combining yellow gold, rose gold, and silver for a stunning and chic look.

You can mix metals in your necklace, earrings, and bracelets. This style is ideal for brides who want to create a vintage look on their big day.

2. Add a Pop of Color

Since most brides wear white gowns on their wedding days, you can pick colorful jewelry to spice up your look. You can do this by choosing natural pink diamond rings for sale. These rings are unique, elegant, and perfect for brides who want to make a statement. Pink diamonds are one of the rarest diamonds in the world, and they will surely add a touch of elegance to your overall look.

If pink is too feminine for you, and you want some other color for your wedding jewelry, do check out the silver amethyst rings that are in vogue these days. These rings are perfect for brides who love a bit of color but don’t want anything too overwhelming.

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3. Mix and Match Stones

Gemstones are every bride’s go-to choice when it comes to wedding jewelry. You can combine diamonds with sapphires, emeralds, or rubies for a stunning and unique finish. You can select some beautiful sapphire blue earrings or a bright emerald necklace. And if you want to go about your own tacky way, you can mix and match some stones to complete your wedding look.

Mixing and matching stones is ideal for brides who want to create a one-of-a-kind look that reflects their personality and style.

4. Layer Your Necklaces

Layering necklaces is another trend that’s perfect for adding a spark to your wedding jewelry collection. You can mix and match different lengths and styles of necklaces to create a unique and stunning look.

Layering necklaces is perfect for brides who want to create a bohemian or vintage-inspired look. You can also add a touch of elegance by layering delicate diamond necklaces.

5. Personalize Your Jewelry

Your wedding is the day when you will be the cynosure of all eyes, so make sure it is all about you. You do not need to sport some jewelry pieces that do not speak to you or do not suit your style. You can customize your wedding jewelry to your liking, and to complement your wedding dress. Try to find the jewelry pieces that are as unique and special as you yourself–because you deserve all the attention on your big day.

Some cool ideas for personalizing your wedding jewelry would be to add your initials, wedding date, or a special message to your necklace or bracelet.


Coming to the end of our list of the top 5 wedding jewelry pieces that you can consider buying for your big day, we must remind you how important it is to select the most suitable pieces for yourself. Wedding jewelry is a major part of your wedding day look, and you must choose the pieces that reflect your personality and style.

Adding a spark to your wedding jewelry collection can be as simple as mixing metals, adding a pop of color, mixing and matching stones, layering your necklaces, or personalizing your jewelry. By incorporating these unique ways, you’ll have a wedding jewelry collection that’s one-of-a-kind, elegant, and perfect for your special day.

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