5 Unique Wedding Songs

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A wedding is a special day to everyone as it is a day of promises, fulfillment and aspirations. The role of wedding music cannot be underestimated as it sets the mood and pace of the occasion, heightens the emotions of all those in attendance. Unique weddings will always want to play unique music to enliven the atmosphere and add to the festivities. Below are some of unique weddings songs that you can use on your day of exchanging vows.

1. Wedding Music for Solo Violin by Katherine Curatolo

For solo violin is a collection of wedding songs ranging from traditional favorites to classical pieces. The collection consists of music that has been requested for weddings and you’ll have the opportunity to request something unique for your special day.

2. Wedding Music made easy: Piano by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation

This is an easy piano songbook which consists of 17 traditional wedding favorites. They are all arranged for easy piano and the music will just leave everyone mesmerized. A perfect songbook for your wedding music

3. Wedding Music for Flute and guitar by Mychal Gendron

This collection is arranged in four sections; Processionals, meditations, recessions and prelude music. This collection will provide a flute and guitar duo with an effective repertoire for your wedding ceremony.

4. Weddding Music String Quartet by Aufderhaar Cleo

If you’ve been scratching your head looking for wedding music, this extraordinary collection of music is perfect for your upcoming wedding. Each song has it’s arrangement and you can browse and choose the unique songs for your day.

5. Popular music and Love Songs by Dan Cotes

Select your favorite wedding music from this collection of 38 songs. Some of the songs in this collection include, Dreaming of you, Because you loved me and many others.

If you would like to have a unique wedding, ensure you have selected the best wedding music and the theme of the song and that of the wedding rhymes.


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