5 Ways to Make Your Big Day Perfect

Getting married is arguably one of the biggest moments, if not the biggest moment of your life. Of course you want it to go perfectly, but the definition of “perfect” is subjective. It sounds like a lot of pressure. But think about it: so many brides and grooms have gone through this before, and while wedding planning can be quite overwhelming and emotionally tolling, it is definitely doable if you remember to take deep breaths and stay organized. Here are some trips on how to make your wedding day the most perfect day on Earth.

  1. Start planning as early as possible. Even if your wedding is two years away, it’s always a good idea to get your toes wet and begin to envision your wedding day early on. It gives yourself plenty of time to explore options for venues, vendors, décor, floral, and more.

Use this time to plan a budget and start looking for deals or ways you can save some money. Create a Vision Board with photos from wedding magazines or Pinterest—this is a great way to explore themes and color schemes. Attend tastings for potential caterers (many provide this complimentary) and spend an afternoon scanning items for your registry. Let this time be fun and lowkey!

Find out if there are any wedding shows in your area. Not only is it fun to bring some girlfriends or family along with you, but everything you need to think about for your big day is under one roof. Plus, you’re bound to get tons of information, free merchandise, and samples, so you can try things out before committing to them.

…Or if you’re getting married in a month or less, it’s time to hunker down and stay focused!

  1. Purchase a paper Wedding Planner. This will be your best friend. Human wedding planners can get pretty pricey, and while they do really help bring everything together for your big day, this is a task you can challenge yourself to handle. Even if you’re not the most organized person, having a clean and organized guide of what to get done (and how to get it done) can help you stay on track during the most hectic planning moments. 

In this “Do It Yourself” age, paper wedding planners are becoming so very popular. An online custom print shop like PurpleTrail makes creating a unique wedding planner easy. You can customize the cover to include your own names, wedding date, and photos to make a one-of-a-kind creation that makes planning fun. The wedding planner includes various sections that provide valuable guidelines and organizational tools, like a calendar, budget tracker, checklists, vendor lists, and more. Breaking up tasks into sections really makes wedding planning feel more manageable, especially if you’re doing it all yourself!

  1. Think about what really matters. This is where a vision board comes in handy. There are going to be things you absolutely want to include in your wedding day, end of discussion. There are also going to be things you could live without. As you’re planning the biggest day of your life, it’s important to think about your priorities. Your future spouse should voice his or her priorities, too.

You may be able to settle on some things, like switching to heavy plastic dishware rather than splurging for the ceramic plates, but there are going to be other things you just cannot settle on. If you’re creating an ultimate vision for your wedding day, what are the things that need to be there to make that vision complete? For some, it’s all about the venue—that rustic wood barn, or regal courtyard. For others, it’s about the food, or the theme and décor.  Whatever it may be, it’s a good idea to start budgeting and prioritizing for these must-haves early, so you can figure out what else you might be able to cut. A paper wedding planner will come in handy for this, too.

  1. Set up a wedding website. In today’s digital age, the internet is one of our greatest tools. Many couples are setting up wedding websites to provide all the information their wedding guests need, all in one place. The most beneficial feature of a wedding website is the convenient RSVP section. Instead of sending out traditional paper rsvp cards, which can get lost in the mail or simply go unanswered, many wedding website platforms offer a simple RSVP service where your wedding guests can easily rsvp online without any of the hassle of snail-mailing their response back to you. Not only does this save paper (the environment thanks you!), but it tends to decrease stress and prevent disorganized chaos.

A wedding website like TheKnot or WeddingWire will also help you easily communicate crucial details, like dress codes, directions, information about accommodations, and more. This definitely helps your guests formulate their plans so they are able to celebrate with you, but it also helps you wrap your head around all the details you need to keep track of.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Remember your support team! This includes your bridal party, your family, and of course, your spouse.

Think about ways to divide and conquer between you and your spouse, and how your family members or wedding party might be able to help—whether that’s attending tastings with you, helping you into your wedding dress, or stuffing wedding favors.

Create the perfect wedding invitation. Your wedding invitation card will create the first impression to your guests about your wedding. Because first impressions matter, you should give more attention to your invitations if you want your guests to share enjoyable memories of your special day.

Your guests will most likely have received other wedding invitations, and you need to make yours more original than the rest. It’s also vital that you make your wedding cards more informative by including the location and time, among other significant details. There are several tools that can help you create wedding invitations that will excite your guests. For instance, you can design a personalized photo wedding invitation using the lightroom presets feature of the Greater Than Gatsby application. A wedding picture invitation card with your images will allow your guests to see you and your future spouse as a real couple in love.

Your bridal party should consist of the people you trust the most, and they should be ready to help you especially on the day of. You’ve included them in your dream team for a reason! Don’t be afraid to ask for favors. And if things start to go wrong on your wedding day, remember that your support team can deal with it, not you. You’ll be too busy having the best day of your life!

The most important tip we can ever give is to just breathe. Chances are that your wedding day might not go perfectly. However, you can plan for a day that’s uniquely and beautifully you by following these tips and taking it a step at a time.

Embrace any imperfection to create a perfectly imperfect day, and a lifetime of memories to follow.  Remember that all your loved ones will be gathering together to celebrate you and the love you have for each other. The rest will follow suit!

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