5 Wedding Must-Haves You Don’t Need!


Weddings are more than just an occasion; they’re an industry. You can go as big or as small as you like for your wedding and you need to be able to plan to your budget. So many newlyweds start on the path to marriage in debt, and they do this because they believe they need certain things to make their guest experience an amazing one. Some weddings can cost an absolute bomb, which is the result of pressure by society into what they believe your wedding should be. The focus is on you; the bride and groom, and if you think about it, you don’t NEED the bells and whistles. Plan your budget around the basics such as the reception and the food, save the date invitations, then add the bells and whistles on top. You’ll be surprised how much the fresh flowers for every pew quickly change to silk!


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What couple forget, though, is that this is THEIR wedding. Yes, it’s wonderful to pay out for chocolate fountains like this one and light-up dance floors, but they’re not wedding necessities. The things you do for the experience of your guests are thoughtful, but they cost money. You have to make sure that the wedding you have is the experience you want rather than about your guests. Experts everywhere will have brides convinced that if they don’t have the latest vodka ice sculpture, or a caricaturist making the rounds during the reception, then your wedding wasn’t worth attending. They’re wrong!

Your wedding will be beautiful without things like that if you don’t want them there. As long as you have food, transport, a dress and beautiful wedding invitations to tell your guests where they need to be, then you’re all set. Don’t get sucked into buying things you don’t really need, effectively spending money you could be putting on a luxury honeymoon instead! Check out our list of common wedding ‘must-haves’ which really are ‘not-really’!

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Save The Date Cards: Wedding stationery and Indian wedding cards ranges from order of services to invitations that span several pages. Save the date cards aren’t really a necessity. They’re fine for those who have family that fly in from abroad, as plenty of notice is usually needed for travelling family. For family and friends close by, the wedding invitation should suffice as it’s generally more like a little book detailing the day. An extra bit of paperwork like a save the date card is not really needed.

Engagement Parties: Everyone loves to celebrate an engagement and bring two families together to meet formally. However, if your families are very unlikely to spend much time together, there’s no need to spend some of the wedding budget on a party that isn’t necessary. Your wedding is the party with the gifts and speeches, don’t be greedy and have a second!


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Wedding Website: Not everyone uses a registry service for their wedding day and that’s okay. It gives your guests the chance to attend a wedding without feeling like you’re asking for certain gifts. While a website is a nice, creative way to keep people in the loop with venue changes and any issues with travelling, it’s an expense you don’t need. There’s a really modern way you can keep up with family and tell them your wedding changes – the phone!

A Florist: Everyone loves beautiful flowers and a gorgeously arranged bouquet but it doesn’t mean you have to pay out for a florist. Grab your bridesmaids and parents and head to the wholesale flower market. Get creative and make your own bouquet and arrange your own flowers for the venue and the church. Beautiful flowers don’t require a whole company to arrange them for you and it is money well spent to avoid that cost.

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Wedding Planners: For some, a wedding planner is a God-send. Someone to take the busy bits of a day out of your hands and organise things for you, advocate for you with suppliers and haggle any deals. However, if you want to save some money, make Google your wedding planner. There are hundreds of websites like this one that can help you organise your entire day. Use your wedding party to help you out and delegate jobs for everyone so you have the right support system.

Your wedding day should be for the important things; such as the vows. All the rest is just glitter, and while a wedding should have a sprinkling of glitter, don’t get yourself into debt over it. Pick and choose Bengali wedding cards and what you need and go for the wedding things that make you happy, rather than anything cited as a ‘must-have’.


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