5 Wedding Reception Planning Mistakes to Avoid

wedding reception planning

There are three main elements in a wedding that you need to plan: the wedding service, the reception, and the honeymoon. You’ve got your wedding service organized, and you’ve booked the perfect honeymoon getaway for yourself and your future spouse.

That just leaves the wedding reception. Some people will say planning a reception is more challenging than the service itself, and you probably agree with them as you’re here on this page today!

If you’d like to make sure that your wedding reception is as perfect as can be, one way to achieve that goal is by avoiding the following common planning mistakes:

1. Choosing the Wrong Venue

You can set up a wedding venue virtually anywhere you want. For example, you might feel like a local event venue is a good idea. You may even decide to use your home if you live in a sprawling country estate.

But, wherever you choose, make sure it’s a suitable venue for your needs and those of your guests. That means making sure there’s plenty of space for dining and dancing and that it’s accessible for all your family and friends.

2. Forgetting to Organize Music

Let’s face it: everyone doesn’t want to sit in a great hall or event venue in silence. The idea of a wedding venue is to eat, drink, and have fun! With that in mind, you must make sure that you book a wedding entertainer, such as a DJ or live band, to fill your venue with music.

You should also check the person or group you hire are experienced professionals and will cater to any reasonable requests.

3. Planning Table Layouts Wrong

Did you know that one of the top mistakes people make when planning their wedding reception venues is creating the wrong table layouts? There will be people at your reception that want to stick within their social or familial groups.

Keep such information in mind when you plan your table layouts. Of course, you should also ensure that you don’t stick people on tables if they don’t particularly like each other. You don’t want your wedding reception memorable for the wrong reasons!

4. Not Considering Dietary Requirements

One thing you must never do when planning a wedding reception is not consider the dietary requirements of your guests. Some people may be on a plant-based diet, for example, so it’s worth having vegan options for food and drinks.

Others may have allergies or intolerances. When you send out your wedding invitations, it makes sense to ask for each person’s dietary requirements or restrictions. That way, you can plan the perfect food and drink options for all your guests.

5. Starving Your Guests

Lastly, and sticking with the subject of food, make sure you start the food options as soon as possible. Your guests will deliberately not eat a big meal before your wedding because they know they’ll eat at your wedding reception.

Don’t starve your guests; fill their bellies with delicious food as soon as reasonably possible!

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