5 Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas To Inspire

Choosing a wedding ring can be a challenging proposition for any man, and one aspect of wedding ring design is engraving. Writing a personal message into the inner surface of the band makes the ring very special, and with that in mind, here are a few engraving ideas to consider.

  1. Short Sentiments – Common terms are: always and forever, I love you, eternal love, with you always, we are one, we are eternity, to name but a few, and if you have a few special words that mean something to you, inform the custom jeweller, who will scribe the message into the band.
  2. Dates & Initials – Many people wish to engrave their initials and the date of the union, which is a lasting reminder of that most significant of events. There are specialist custom jewellers that handcraft beautiful custom wedding rings in Sydney and it costs no more than an off-the-shelf ring, which surprises many people. A skilled engraver can usually fit the symbols you require, and once the message is agreed upon, this would be part of the ring design.
  3. Bible Verses – If you are a religious person, you could have a section of the Bible engraved into the ring band – Psalms 31.3, or perhaps Corinthians 13.13, which is a reference to the text. Of course, there are many Biblical references, and if one has a special meaning for you both, you can have it scribed onto the ring.
  4. Song Lyrics & Poems – Often, the first line of a poem, or a set of lyrics from a song can have a special meaning for you, and the custom jeweller can engrave your chosen characters on the inner surface of the ring band. If you both have a song that you liked when you first met, a few words from that song can mean so much to the both of you, and no other person would understand the meaning.
  5. Symbols – It might be a four-leafed clover, or a bird species, and the custom jeweller can create a small image that only you and your partner would understand. A heart or the Ying-Yang symbol would be appropriate, and whatever the symbol, if it is not too complex, it can be engraved onto the ring. You can choose a heart with both of your initials in a great symbol, and you could have the same engraving on both wedding bands.

If you would like to design the wedding ring, search online for an established custom jeweller and they can help you to create the perfect wedding ring that contains a very special message that is engraved into the metal. When two people make their relationship official by getting married, the wedding ring is a very special symbol of the never-ending love that two people enjoy all of their lives.

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