5 winter wedding Beauty and hair tips

winter wedding

Imagine a snowy day, beautiful white idyllic scenery and a heart-warming  feeling you get when you are with your SO and people you love the most.  Now, add to that picture something glamorous, like beautiful white wedding dress and your gorgeous smile and you there you have a perfect winter wedding story. To make your special day even more special on a dreamy winter day, here are 5 beauty and hair tips that will help you glow even more on that special day.

  1. Hydrate your skin

Do you want dry, dead skin to ruin your day? Absolutely not! Having a healthy looking skin is a must.  Not only you will feel better, but look healthier too. The trick to having a beautiful, glossy and hydrated skin on that special day is that you have to start few weeks earlier and find a good hydrating regime, if you don’t have one already.  Don’t be afraid to spend some extra money on facials or spa skin care too. This is your special day and you deserve to be a star.

  1. Keep your lips moisturized

Not only those lips are going to be kissed many times that day honey, but you will also pose for a photo-shooting and winter can be tricky for your lips. Prepare your lips for winter wedding day and give them some extra care. Never leave the house without a chap stick.

  1. Flake-proof those pores

Winter is idyllic, but your makeup can suffer greatly due to indoor – outdoor change in the environment. Your  makeup ca quickly look very dried, so make sure, you  go with the right makeup base that will give you a long-lasting fresh look.

  1. Pick hairstyle carefully for your winter wedding

While during summer you can safely go with almost any hairstyle, due to cold weather, humidity and maybe even snow, you must be wise when it comes to picking the perfect hairstyle. Go for the hairstyles that will keep your hair in place longer and listen to advice your hairstylist gives you. Beach waves like Izabel Goulart’s simply won’t be that glamorous after a few hours, but a bun is always a good option

  1. Go with the right makeup plan

Apart for picking the right base for your makeup and making sure your skin and lips are hydrated enough, you will have to pick the right makeup for your special day. Winter is harsh and that is why you will have to go with top quality products that don’t dry out easily that you can find at a wedding shop. You can add some bronzer and glow too, just make sure you don’t go with overly summer tones, but instead pick gentle shades, just to make your makeup look more glam.


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