6 Beauty Appointments To Book Before Your Wedding

beauty appointments

There are a few beauty appointments to book before your wedding, so you look eye-catching. Schedule all the right appointments to look perfect on your big day!

Just about every bride wants to beautify herself before the big day, and you need to make a few appointments to ensure this. Take time to book these appointments before your wedding day since some may require more notice than others. Likewise, you keep prepared by planning, so you’re not rushed the week of the wedding. Grab a pen and paper to jot down these six beauty appointments to book before your wedding!


Many brides visit a dermatologist well before the wedding, even if they have no detected skin issues. Some individuals experience breakouts because of stress, and a specialist can advise you on how to have soft, clear skin to look picture perfect!

Similarly, a dermatologist will recommend the appropriate skin products to prevent acne, dry skin, and other issues. Since everyone’s skin-care routine is different, a dermatologist can help you find what works best for you.

Hair Removal

Book a trip to the spa for a relaxing massage and wax job on the week of the wedding. This is a great way to decompress that prepares you for your walk down the aisle. By going to a spa that knows the many waxing techniques, they’ll give you the services you need. While some stick to leg waxing, other brides get their bikini line waxed to get ready for a tropical honeymoon!


Paying a visit to your hairstylist is a must. Make sure you schedule your appointment three to six months in advance to secure a visit. Plenty of brides get their hair colored for the big day, and you’ll want a trim to remove any dead ends.

Wedding Artist

Another beauty appointment to book before your wedding is one or two trials with the individual(s) doing your hair and makeup. While you may have loved the photos on their website showcasing their work, you may feel different during a trial. A test run also gives you a chance to see if your vision turns out as you’d hoped.

Nail Technician

While you should schedule this far in advance, wait until a day or two before the wedding to go in to prevent damage. Bring in reference photos for specific designs so that you’re happy with the service you receive.


Many overlook the importance of a trip to the dentist since oral hygiene isn’t the first place most minds go. However, a trip to the dentist ensures a beautiful bright smile for your wedding photos. With all the right appointments in place, you’ll look incredible on your big day.

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